Vehicle detection events, over and over and over again

We normally always park in the garage, with two Cam Pan v3 cameras trained on the driveway.

This morning I parked in the driveway. For hours we got dozens and dozens of vehicle detection event notifications. It’s the same vehicle parked there. There is no motion and it’s not leaving and reentering the driveway. It’s obviously the same car just sitting there.

What gives?

Last month something similar happened when someone visiting us parked in the driveway. All night during dinner with out=r guests my phone was blowing up with Wyze vehicle detection notifications until I turned it off. Embarrassing.

If I leave a car in my driveway I don’t want to have to turn off notifications, because I want to know about other things (people, pets, etc.). And I don’t want to have to dig all the way down into the settings every time someone parks or leaves to toggle vehicle detection.

This is very annoying. A vehicle event should be generated ONCE when a vehicle is first detected, and if it’s stationary another event should not fire unless the vehicle moves. The first notification tells us that a vehicle has been detected. We don’t need endless followup notifications telling us that it’s still here, it’s still here, it’s still here, it’s still here, at nauseam.

No lighting changes, no other movement. Not even any wind. Both of two Cam Pan v2s looking at the driveway from different angles doing the same behavior.

How does anyone else deal with this?

Wyze App version: 2.46.0 (368)
Cam Pan Firmware version:


If you have Motion Tagging turned on, you should be able to determine the motion trigger that initiated each event.

Yes, I do have Motion Tagging turned on, There is no motion, and there are no green frames in the event videos or in the SD video in the scene of the parked car. Nothing is actually moving. Just continuous vehicle detection events every couple minutes. Zero motion.

If I walk out there in front of the cameras, toss an object in the view of the cameras, or a bird flies by or something, there is motion, and I get green frames detecting the motion. But not for the parked car that is not moving and continues to generate vehicle detection events.


Sometimes the detection box is extremely small. Post a few event videos and maybe we can help find them.

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This happens to me all the time. It is intensely annoying and makes the whole detection thing useless.

What happens is that whenever a car drives by at night, its headlights illuminate part of my car, which is detected as motion and further detected as a new vehicle. I wake up in the morning to dozens of hits that I have to go through and delete.

I begged for this to be fixed months ago and as usual, nothing was done.


Same thing here. I have just installed my cam pan and it keeps detecting my parked car.

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I see that not only has this not been fixed, there has been no useful feedback from Wyze support here in the forum where it might do some good.

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Same. I wrote support and got a generic response to update yada yada… all of which I’ve already done.

Same issue and I can’t find a resolution. Parked car is detected every 10 minutes.
Resolution is set to 50%

Parked cars don’t move, so what motion is being detected? What camera are you using? You said resolution. Do you mean sensitivity is at 50%?

The ai tags recognized objects in the view even if the object is moving or stationary. The ai tags aren’t necessarily the detected motion. If you have a parked car in view, and something else triggers the motion detection, the ai tagging the event as a vehicle is the correct way it works.

There is a wishlist for the AI to only tag moving recognized objects. But that isn’t implemented yet

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I’m experiencing the same issue and there’s no way to get it to stop detecting and/or notifying for vehicles.

From a quick search online, it looks like this has been a problem for YEARS and Wyze, as usual, refuses to address it. Absolutely ridiculous, especially for a paid service.

The issue in this thread is when they have their vehicle settings enabled, but get vehicle tags from their parked car when other motion is setting off the detection. Your issue is when your vehicle settings are disabled and you still get notifications/events. See other topic for my reply to you.

Same here. Some motion in view of the camera is triggering it to record and it sees the car. So it’s just tells you that there is a car.