Repeated vehicle notifications on Cam Pan V3

First the good stuff. I do want to say that this camera punches well above it’s weight overall. Image quality, P/T functions, and so on. There is one annoying issue. We rarely park in our driveway, but when we do, it keeps sending notifications about a vehicle in the driveway. Once would be good. Unfortunately, it keeps sending these notifications repeatedly. I end up disabling notifications for vehicles, which breaks an important feature. Why not have a one shot option for vehicle detection? Or maybe an option to limit vehicle notifications to once every X minutes? Seems this would be just a change in the coding.

It’s just not useful to keep getting vehicle notifications when there is no change.

Part of this issue is understanding how the alerts currently work. Many people do not understand this part. When the camera detects motion in it’s detection zone, it uploads the video to the Wyze servers for AI processing. The AI does NOT know or care what triggered the upload. It simply looks at the images. If there is a car in image, it flags it as a vehicle. There is a wishlist (and I believe stated plans from Wyze) to be able to change a vehicle notification to require vehicle movement. In other words, a parked vehicle wont trigger the notification. Hoping…

Yes, for now you should identify why the trigger, and eliminate that. Currently any trigger will cause the camera’s AI to evaluate its environment. If it sees a car, or even because a garage door opener light expires, it will announce what it sees.

As you said, we are told motion filters should be coming.

I suppose that part is supplied by V4/V3 pro’s edge AI?

Not really practical to remove the car, as it is our car. After the first detection, maybe an option to disallow further notifications when there is no change. Or maybe only checking for vehicles over a set longer period, or during a preset time frame. These all seem to just be programming items, and not just about the AI itself. Although, it would be great if it could actually identify and ignore the specific car. That would be awesome, but not likely in the near future.

Hi, I am completely new to wifi cams and just bought yesterday a Pan Cam V3, trying out the Cam Plus free trial. I’ve been getting vehicle detected alert almost every 2 minutes when the wind was blowing. There are some tree branches between the cam and a parked car on the street. Did it take the parked car + moving leaves as a moving car to produce the false alert? Since I deleted vehicle recognition in settings and not getting the false vehicle alerts anymore. However, I am now getting Person Detected every few minutes when the camera scans around to the trees and the wind is blowing but there is no Person in the recording when I looked. What settings do I need to not get these false triggers?

Edit: I need person detection since the main purpose of the cam is to identify dog walkers who do not pick up after their dogs.

We are in the second year on our Cam Pan V3. While I have some same frustrations about unchanging vehicle detection, I will say that the accuracy of person detection is pretty impressive. By this, I mean the lack of false detections. It will however keep alerting every couple of minutes. I think Wyze needs to add a notify less option as does Ring.