Pan Cam v2 Keeps Disconnecting


I recently got a pan cam v2. I got it set up and working (mostly) and im running into one issue… The camera keeps disconnecting when it trys to track motion.

Log ID 621646


Are you using the power cord and wall adapter included with the cam? Does the status light change?


That is a weird thing to happen. As KyGuy2002 implied, I wonder if your pan cam base is shaking the power connection loose when it moves, maybe a 3rd cord like he said, or maybe not plugged in tightly, or maybe it’s on a slippery surface.

Consider contacting Support to walk you through some standard troubleshooting to try to get that resolved, especially with it being such a new device. If it is determined to be the camera itself they can see if you qualify for a replacement or something.


My thought was the power supply isn’t sufficient, so when the motor kicks in during movement it causes the whole device to brown out. Although shaking loose could also be the case.


I am using the provided cord and adapter. The light goes from blue to red to alternateing blue red. Then the camera makes a 180 and comes back to face.

Let me double check my connections. Thank you!

Update. To make a long story short, i originally was using the cord and adapter from the cam v3 (totally forgotten i had done that). So i swapped out for the one that came in the box. It is now working! Im not sure if the adapters have different specs or if by swapping it all out made me make sure all connections were proper.

Thank you again


Whatever the cause, at least it is working properly now! :slight_smile: