Package delivered sound

Can I create a rule to play a sound when my Wyze doorbell pro detects a package ? I already have a rule to turn on a lamp but also want a sound

Not natively through the Wyze app at this time. There are some complex workarounds that some people do to create a virtual switch that will cause Google or Alexa to make a sound for things like this…for example, you already have a rule set to turn on a lamp. So now, what you could do, is if you have a Google Speaker or Alexa speaker, you could do a rule to tell Google Home or the Alexa app that whenever the lamp turns on, it should make a chime sound or announce “Package” on the speaker or “Package Delivered” or whatever you want.

Now, whenever you detect a package, your lamp turns on, and because the lamp turns on, Google/Alexa will chime or announce “Package” exactly like you wanted.

I am sure Wyze will eventually add sound capabilities through their camera speakers alone. I’ve been telling them for a while that they should do this and they’ve recently started adding things like sirens and a Motion Warning and such. So I am sure something like this will be coming in the future now that they are starting to use the camera speakers for more stuff. But as of right now, you have to use something like Google/Alexa to trigger sounds for you.

I hope that helps.

Thanks for the work around suggestion. I may try that…tlhutch4

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