Trigger package detection

I have followed the instructions on triggering a package detection from my Wyze doorbell pro. I’ve set it up to turn on a light via Wyze Plug in My Home thus notifying me that there’s a package on the porch. It’s not happening. Need help with this.

Not sure about all your settings, assuming so but without details, do…

You have Cam Plus or Cam Plus Pro?
You have Detect Package turned on under Settings, Event Recording, Smart Detection?

Does Your rule looks like this?

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I have Cam Plus.
I have Detect Package turned on under Settings, Event Recording, Smart Detection. And my rule looks like yours.

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Just tested this and got the desired result.

Is your firmware and app up to date?

Is this a recent rule you set and are testing? Or did it stop working?

Do you have a cool down set on your event recording?

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All firmware is up to date. This is a newly created rule that I’m trying to get to work. No cool down is set.

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are you getting package tagged events in the events tab for this doorbell? Also check rules history in account > rules > history. Click the event and see if it says succeeded.


Not sure why but package detection started working. Your suggestions were certainly helpful. You taught me about checking rules history and package tagged events. I’m new to this but learning fast and very impressed with Wyze products. In a short time I’ve picked up several V3’s, Smart plugs, Smart Bulbs and Smart switches. Lots to learn. Love the Forums……thanks


Also posted a question about a Wyze bulb issue I’m having. Hopefully I’ll get some answers on that too.

I’m wondering what the conditions are for my Wyze doorbell pro to detect a package on my front porch and trigger a lamp in my home. I have had a trigger set to do just this for a while now and I find that it works sometimes but not others. Can anybody tell me the conditions under which the rule triggers in my case the lamp. Wondering if there’s a specific package size or placement that’s required for the doorbell camera to pick it up and trigger my lamp. Again it seems to work sometimes but not others. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Tom

The AIs not perfect, and it messes up sometimes. Make sure the package is fully in view and the lightings fine and it can be easily seen.

Please report events that were tagged incorrectly via the “submit this one video to Wyze” prompt

I really like the concept of my Wyze Doorbell triggering a lamp in the house when it detects a package on my porch. Like you say, it’s not perfect but I’m wondering if Wyze is working to improve it.

Yea they are. Whenver you submit event videos, it trains the AI. They update the AI every month, sometimes more often and their stats show it gets a lot better every time.

I was having a problem getting my Wyze doorbell package detection to work. I wanted it to turn on a lamp in my living room when a package was detected on my porch. It was intermittent at the very best until I realized that I had neglected to enter a time in the rules. Once I added a start time and end time it’s been working great since ……Tom