Video Doorbell: Rules: Not able to detect Pets, Vehicles, Packages or Sound

While creating a rule today, to have my Wyze Video Doorbell trigger a Wyze Color bulb when it sees a package or a Pet (as I have setup on my WCO v1s and V3s) I discovered no option other than “Detects a Person”

I would think “Detect a Package” would be a normal thing that any Video Doorbell would be able to do.

I’d also like to see it detect a Pet, Sound or a Vehicle (vehicle wouldn’t be useful where my VDB is mounted, but it would be for others.

Is my camera the only one not with these features? Does the Video Doorbell Pro have these options? Do we need to create a Wishlist item for this ?


Do you have a cam plus license on the VDB Pro? The pet,package,vehicle detection are products of CP.

Since the VDB Pro is also technically battery powered I don’t think it would have the detects sound trigger like the WCOs.

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I do have Cam Plus on all of my cameras, and I have the original Wyze Video Doorbell.

With all the AI detection going on in the cloud, I don’t understand why Pets, Packages and Vehicle’s are Not detectible by the VDB.


Gotcha. I don’t know why you don’t, my original VDB does. Here me entering my house earlier…v3 which provides double coverage also triggered. Haven’t had any pets or packages at the step in 2 weeks though.


Smart detection settings.

Production app

But it a rule trigger for things other than person detection is what you want?

I added that here:

Why do i need to set up triggers to detect packages and pets? I don’t get it. I have a detection zone and motion detection set up, and i get detections for people going in and out of the door and ringing the doorbell, but if someone delivers a package, i get nothing. Someone could come and steal the package and it won’t detect it.

Its weird though, because if its windy, i get the detection notification. Its frustrating and not a very good product, imho.

You don’t. Unless you want to involve rules and say turn on a bulb with a certain detection like the OP requested in the first post. The topic of the thread is triggering rules, not general detection of recognized objects.

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got it. thanks. i will check another thread.