Outdoor wall mount with a hole for the wire

Does anyone have a good outdoor mount for a V2 camera that has a hole in the mount for the cable to go through because it’s going to be hardwired in the attic. All the ones that I see don’t have an access hole for the power cable. I can drill a hole in the mount but if there’s a mount that has a hole in it already I would definitely be interested in looking at that. I think I could drill a hole in it and run the wire through it but if there’s another option I would much prefer it Thank you

I’ve never seen one. The hole would have to be big enough for the micro USB connector.
It easy to run flat USB cable under the lower edge of the mounting plate.

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Yes, I’d suggest making a small notch in the base (bottom edge) of the mounting plate for the cable to run through. A round hole made by a drill leaves way too much open, to the elements. Silicone caulk to seal the opening (regardless of which type you choose) is recommended. Most water-proof, least problematic.

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I’ve never seen one either that I can remember. I would bet that if there is one meant for a CCD camera or whatever, it would be much more expensive. Your idea of drilling a hole is probably the best and should be easy.

I’m using a 12 V to 5 V converter that has a cable connected to it that is micro USB and unfortunately it’s round. I think I can still probably make it work though maybe i would need to put a little bit of caulking around it or something

Give me an excuse to use the thousands of dollars worth of Milwaukee tools that I have. Lol. image


And by the way…Holy tools batman! That’s an awesome collection.

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If I can fix it myself I prefer to do that. And I’m in Milwaukee man through and through. That picture is probably about two years old too so it’s been added to

Oh yeah, that’s me too. I’ve nearly always done my own repairs and building my whole life. I used to work in the fields mechanical, electrical, electronic, repair, etc. Milwaukee tools are great and I still have a few. I don’t do much heavy stuff anymore due to physical disability, but I still do a lot of intricate wood work when I’m up to it. Even built my own renaissance style acoustic guitar with Koa wood a few years ago.

That’s pretty impressive. I’m physically able to do just about anything as long as I don’t have a migraine. Which I have a migraine just about every day. That’s why I’m disabled

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Hang in there, that sounds horrible! I have a bone problem and I’ve fractured my spine 6 times so far. I still do everything I possibly can, but deal with varying levels of pain and have to be careful

Yikes that sounds scary to me. And being in pain sucks as I’m sure you’re aware because getting anything for pain anymore is extremely difficult. I’ll leave it at that and we better stop talking about it or we will get deleted and talked to about talking off subject.

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You put an external antenna on your camera did you not? Do you have a link to the materials that you use? I’m Debating placing one in my barn and might need a little extra Wi-Fi booster. I’m putting one of my Orbi satellites in my garage so that should definitely help with Wi-Fi coverage outside. But I just am thinking ahead

No, that wasn’t me. The only thing I’ve done with Wyze antennas was to uncoil and extend the antenna outside the Wyze contact sensor on my mailbox for better range. And it did help.

Thinking about trying this what do you think?


That should work fine. Someone else here used that antenna and said it increased reliability at a distance. I think the only difference was he used a 5 cm cable and that one has a 20 cm cable. As long as there’s enough room to stuff that cable inside it should work. I actually have some 5 cm cables and antennas on my Amazon wish list in case I ever want to do that myself.

I had these antennas on my list which are bigger and 6db gain instead of 3db and they have 5 cm cables.

And I also have these 5 cm cables on my list in case I wanted to try with antennas I already have in my parts piles.

The one that I picked out is 8dBI GAIN. And for the price it might be cheaper then to just order the shorter cable’s that you had picked out. Because most of them are antennae and cable for $10 a set. The one that I picked out is $6 so that allows me money to buy the shorter cables.

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Here are my thoughts about drilling a hole for the power cord. Rotate the base until two adjacent screw holes are level and at the top. The third hole is now at the dead bottom. Enlarge the bottom hole for the micro-USB (9/16"). Before drilling the 9/16" hole drill and screw in the top two holes. This will hold the base steady while the bottom hole is being enlarged. After starting the bottom hole, you have a choice: continue drilling if it is progressing smoothly or stop drilling if it seems rough going (as in drilling in stucco) and remove the base. Then resume drilling to finish the hole. Removal of the base will keep it from shattering. After placing caulking on the base edge and screwing in the upper screws, Pull the cable to its final location with a little bit of a drip-drape then fill the hole with caulk to exclude water and bring back some strength lost by not using the third screw.

Below in pictures is a very effective way to pull power cords. I think you will like it. This is a simulated mock-up as I lost the original pictures.

The below pictures depict how I cork cable holes to keep rain, bees, and wasps out.

Victor Maletic

I do tons of electrical work and pull tons of wires. I pulled speaker wires for a 7.2 speaker system, I don’t know how many outlets I pulled electrical wire for, I’ve pulled wire for tons of dish and DIRECTV set ups etc. i’ve done I don’t know how many Home Theater’s. I use a fiberglass fish tape. And I button everything up nice and neat. This is my set up


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Hello paindonthurt
I think from some of your previous posts, That I know where “paindonthurt” comes from.

For the kinds of work that you have done, your tools are a godsend and certainly make you’re work easier. Your work is obviously professional level.
I was suggesting my thoughts for a cable access hole in a base, and as an extra, the method I use for simple cable pulling and how to plug the cable openings in a way that doesn’t require digging out caulk in the future for some reason.
I would venture that most people don’t have your setup or tools. They probably want the simplest. easiest, and least expensive way to get a cable through a wall. Many of them do not have the same level of attention to detail that you or I have, but they recognize simple, easy, and inexpensive when they see it.