Outdoor wall mount with a hole for the wire

Thank you for the compliments Victor I very much appreciate them. Actually paindon’thurt comes from being disabled.

I take great pride in doing a job well and doing it completely. My wife has over 20 years of marriage learned to work with me. And I have learned to calm down. I am no longer a tool thrower.:triumph:. But I still prefer to work alone as much as possible. There are some things that you do need help with.

Yes I have literally thousands spent on Milwaukee tools. I have sold all of my old Milwaukee tools and went with the Fuel line. Both 12 V and 18 V. I even have a couple of coats and vest in the 12 V line.

I appreciate the suggestions and I will take them into account as I look into what is the best option when I get out there. I’m not sure exactly if the old mounts are the same size as the new ones or bigger or smaller, if the screw holes will lineup etc. so there’s going to be a lot that’s going to go into deciding exactly how this project comes together. But I’ll keep you posted and let you know how easy or hard it becomes and let you know what I decided to do and why I decided to do it.

It’s nice to have other people out there to talk to that take things seriously and want their jobs to look good and professional and research specific things before they just dive in and make a mess of something. It shows that you have pride in your work and I applaud you for that because not many do any more in my opinion.

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