Help mounting outside under eaves without drilling holes

I would like to mount this camera outside under eaves (have aluminum soffit) Would like to do this without drilling holes and screwing into the soffit or brick. I already have the birdhouse all weather outdoor mount, but can’t seem to figure out a way to mount it without drilling holes and screwing it into something. I don’t want to do this because I want the ability to move it occasionally. I was thinking of buying this

Do you think it would working to attach to the soffit or the bottom of spouting?

I was also trying to think of a way to use the 3m removeable strips with the birdhouse mount but have not been able to come up with anything that I think could work because the plate on the birdhouse mount does not have much surface area to attach the tape.

Anybody have any other methods of mounting outside that does not involve drilling permanent holes?


@TommyV, as the temperature changes the suction will be lost and the mount will fall off.

I use 3M Outdoor Command Strips in some of my applications. I made a base for the “birdhouse” mount so there is more surface area.


So you said it was an aluminum soffit? Why not try a magnet? And if that doesn’t work actually you might use this for the magnet as well to attach it to the mount which is the 3M double-sided will stick to anything you’re not getting me off sorry you used this but it’s permanent tape?

There are many knock off double-sided tapes 3M makes the strongest most durable weatherproof double-sided tape there is. I believe it’s gray I’ve seen it white sometimes but it’s kind of foamy it’s maybe 1/16 of an inch thick and it literally will stick anyting to anyting!

Here are some examples.

3M outdoor version

Not 3M but looked cool!

Magnets with installation tape already added…

Magnet with double sided tape

Thinner Magnets might work better?

Thin mounting magnet
Another thinner magnet (I’d think this might be best, you can cut bbn it to size)

Lastly you can always just duct tape the crap out of the mount. Duct tape literally fixes everything

Duct tape not Duck tape lol

Hi @TommyV,

Unfortunately every method, that involved an adhesive ( with the exception of a silicon chalk) failed. As @DadCooks mentions the same issues arise with adhesives as they do with suction cups when put outside due to heat/humidity change. One Method I would look into would be neodymium Magnets ( I know your Soffit is aluminum but hear me out) I would permanently attach one of these Magnets to the Wyze Pan Base ( with an Epoxy, and then what I would do ( if your Soffit has seems) would be to place another one on the backside of the Soffit and put the camera in between it, those Magnets are Extremely strong and the ones I have and used for other items are listed below and have a pull strength of 18lbs

Just an Idea that you may or may not want to look into, the Magnets WILL pull together even with a Soffit in between them.
Hope this gives you a little bit of useful info.


Dadcooks, Could you describe how and what you made the base out of? Or take a picture of it? I have been thinking about how I could do that as well.

Thanks for the other ideas, but methods using magnets would not allow for the birdhouse protective mount and leave the wyze cam unprotected in weather and hanging upside down water could easily get into the microSd slot

@TommyV, a circle cut from a plastic lid then epoxy glued to the base.

You do need to be sure that all mounting surfaces are very clean before applying epoxy or the Command strips, I use 90% denatured alcohol.

what kind of epoxy did u use? would gorilla glue work?

I went and looked in my toolbox, it was Gorilla Glue.

How about Flex seal? I may have seen too many ads.

Need a picture of your soffit -
But have you looked into some sort of clips you could wedge in? Maybe where seams overlap?

I’ve soffit with holes in it, like in the picture linked, and just screwed into those holes.

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I have had my cam mounted under the eves for months using just the magnetic base that comes with the camera. It works great. I haven’t had any problems.

Great thoughts. You do know that aluminum is not attracted by magnets, yes?


@kiteking He may be talking about the V2 it comes with a Round metal plate and 3M adhesive to attach the metal plate to the surface of your choice then the V2 will stick to it Magnetically. Might not have realized it was the Pan Cam you were talking about


I have one of the metal disks stuck to the top of an outdoor aluminum light fixture , using the included sticky disk with the camera on the disk , been there over a year


Just a suggestion, I would use a time test go-to automotive product called, 3M™ Yellow Super Weatherstrip and Gasket Adhesive. This is the product that many professional Body and Fender people use to reattach weatherstripping, nameplates, emblems, etc. Just about anything on the painted metal surface of a vehicle - its a long secret of Automotive Body Repair centers. We just call it the yellow glue.


Command makes waterproof tape look for the ones with light blue backing. I used it to hang hooks for shelves in the shower. Just clean area with alcohol.

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I screwed the adjustable mount to a piece of 2x4, then used 3M command Velcro strips to hold the 2x4 to the soffit. Has held for over a year.


I bet a 1x4 would have been strong enough :smile:

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I saw a user (don’t remember where) who wanted to mount a camera under the eaves of the house. He bought a piece of steel and cut the length of it to the size of the soffit (like 3inx12 in) then just tucked either end under the soffit facing and clicked the camera right onto it.


Aha! Thanks for the clarification!