Outdoor plug - brightness sensor to switch on only


I would like to switch on my outdoor light when it turns dark.
But I would like to switch it off e.g. at 11pm.

Would it be possible to improve the software to consider this scenario?


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Hi @sebastian.hindelang
Your request is already possible in the existing software.
From the app home screen, go to Settings/Local Schedules. The two options there will allow you to turn the socket on based on light and also a set time-of-day schedule.


Hi @tomp

I only see the option to turn on at sunset and turn off at certain time.
It is similar but not exactly the same, as sunset is not dependent on the sensor.
Removed my related question as the app already answered it…

Hi @Peter
If I understand correctly you figured out your question, but the options are not really for Sunset - just for Dark. Any ambient light could effect that timing and it is not dependent on actual time-of-day.

I had a question if the schedule would remain if internet connection is lost, but this is specifically mentioned in the app under local schedules and therefore i removed it…(but am really happy it does)
To come back to what i meant with my reply: I can only find under local schedules to use either “time of day” (and sunrise/sunset is listed there) or “Brightness” under brightness the only option is on at dark and off at bright or vise versa. (and this setting seems to overwrite other settings.)
I am just curious if it is possible to use the brightness sensor to turn on the lights and a fixed time to turn them off and if so how to do it.
(For me personally on at sunset and off at fixed time works fine too.)

Thanks for your reply. You post a challenging question!
The only way I see within Wyze is to use the Sensor settings to turn on at desired settings, then write a Rule to turn off at the desired fixed time. The fly-in-the ointment there is that the lights will turn off at the other brightness setting even if you want them to stay on longer.
IE: on at Dark but you want them to stay on until Noon the next day, they will cut off at Bright (Daylight).
If you just want them on at Dark and off at 11:pm, the Sensor/Rule combination should work.
Hope this helps!