Outdoor plug scheduling question

I have just received my outdoor plugs.
I am using one of the sockets for the pathway lights to my house. I want to set schedules so the lights come on at sunset and go off after the time we may get visitors, say 10 PM. And, I want them to come on early in the morning (say 5 AM) and then go off at sunrise.
The second outlet is to my yard light and I want it to come on at sunset and go off at sunrise.
So far, I have not been able to accomplish the time schedule I desire.
How does one delete a schedule, for instance?
I’d like help, advice, and/or suggestions about my plan.


Hi Jerry,
I got mine yesterday, so also still fairly new.
This is how i got mine setup (after the devices were added to the wyze app using the instructions on the leaflet):
(Step 0: ignore the add rules, that is where I initially got confused as well)
Step 1: Tap on the first plug you want to configure.
Step 2: tap on the top right gear symbol
Step 3: select time of day under local schedules
Step 4: tap select on at sunset turn off at 10pm
Step 5: add schedule
Step 6: select on at 5 and off at sunrise
For the second plug you can either use the brightness sensor, or use time of day and select sunset and sunrise in time of day.


Thanks for the response.
I think that’s pretty much what I did. I ended up with 3 schedules, 2 schedules for the path lights and 1 for the yard light.
The lights on at sunset and off at 10 seems to be the trouble spot. I’m still adjusting and hoping I get it right sooner than alter.
Thought I might get a good tip here to save watching and then adjusting.