Outdoor Plug / Brightness Setting / Groups

Is there a way to control a Wyze Outdoor Plug group using the built-in brightness sensor to turn on/off the entire group from dusk till dawn? I am able to set it for each individual socket, but I wanted to save time and apply the setting once for the entire group.

It would be good for all Christmas lights to go off together, wouldn’t it?

Unfortunately you can only use the brightness triggers on a per socket/per device basis.

HOWEVER – in a few weeks they intend to release a sunrise/sunset schedule option that will allow you to schedule a group of outdoor plugs to turn on or off at sunrise or sunset times (but as far as I know, not using the brightness trigger).

So stay tuned… :slight_smile:


Yes, I have the sunrise and sunset feature in the current version of the Wyze app. It is more convenient, but I kind of wanted to use the light sensor built-in to the tech that I purchased. Plus it does not rely on a wifi connection.

You can still use the light sensor, you just can’t synchronize all the sockets.

You can see if there is a Wishlist item for it. :slight_smile: