Wyze Socket Sunrise to Sunset

I am trying to figure out what triggers the Sunrise to Sunset option on the Wyze Sockets. I have 2 set up on the front of my house. One is powering a Cam 3 and the camera says that 2 sockets are linked together. The socket control is set to Auto and Sunset to sunrise is selected.

For the last 2 nights the lights do not turn on at sunset (which is prior to it getting dark) nor do they turn on at dark. Last night at some point they turned on. So what is controlling this? Is the camera being used as a light sensor? It is near a street lamp and does catch headlights from to time to time. Or does it get the sunset / sunrise from the web using my address?

I don’t have any issues with sunrise sunset on Wyze Bulbs that are in the houe.

is it asking you to set a location? all of my sunrise and sunset controls are set up using a location in the app. you set a place on a map and based on that it determines those times.

There is no where that asks for location since it is not a “rule” setting.

I did just set my “Home” in the settings and the lights did come on a few minutes after that. I will see what happens tomorrow night.

but if you haven’t set a rule to execute any specific action nothing will happen. I apologize, I may not be understanding what you are saying.

when you set a rule for turn on or off at sunset or sunrise it will ask for your location then. try that, unless I’m misunderstanding.

If it’s like the outdoor outlets, there is a light sensor on the box. Enabling that control is set under “Brightness”. Not a “rule”.

With the Socket there is a setting within the Camera setting and it looks like this.

I did not think to create a rule since this setting existed. I just looked and the socket is an action in the rules so if this setting does not work then I will look at making rules.