Disable light sensor on Wyze Outdoor Plug

I use the Wyze Outdoor Plug to control a string of lights on my deck. I’ve connected the Plug to my Amazon Echo and created two Alexa routines to turn on and to turn off the lights through voice command. I only want the light to be turned on/off via Alexa, not when it gets dark. I have tried to physically turn the Wyze Plug toward the wall, but the way my deck is configured and where the outdoor electric box is I cannot get it fully against the wall. So every night when it is dark, the Plug turns on the deck lights. How can I disable the sensor or stop it from turning on every night when it gets dark?

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I didn’t even realize they had an ambient sensor. And to my surprise no way to turn it of in the app.

Odd because I use one in my garage for 2 cams so I can reboot them if they have troubles and it’s never turned off and on and the garage gets a fair amount of daylight and darkness and the switch has never toggled.

I think you may need to setup a schedule to overwrite the ambient sensor? Not sure… found a similar discussion here.

Maybe a good wishlist item to turn ambient sensor on and off.

Thank you R.Good. The problem I’ve found with a schedule is that it is time based, not light based and sunset is a different time every night. I’ve even tried to add a strip of electric tape to the front to cover the sensor, but I cannot seem to locate the sensor because that hasn’t worked. I plan to add electric tape across the whole front to see if I can black it out, but I have to wait until sundown tomorrow to see if it will work.

The light sensor on the outdoor plug should be below the status lights and switches on the front of the plug. There should be a whitish-circle there.

Under settings for the Outdoor plug, look under LOCAL SCHEDULES then Brightness. If there is no schedule enabled, the light sensor does nothing.
I’m not using the light sensor on either of my outdoor plugs, and they do not operate the switches by themselves.


Thank you K6CCC. I don’t have a brightness schedule enabled under local schedules but the light sensor still controls the switch. I’m not sure why.

I added black electric tape to the front of the plug, covering everything (the sensor, the two buttons for both plugs, everything). Tonight, the lights turned on again. I don’t have any routines, timers, or schedules set in either the Wyze, Amazon, or Smart Life app.

So, is the plug possessed? How can I stop this from happening every night? Tomorrow, I will wrap the whole device in electric tape.

I’d put money on it that you have some routine that either you forgot about, or you set accidentally.

You’re probably right. Though I bought the plug two weeks ago and I didn’t program anything (or at least I don’t remember). I’ve been looking in the apps to try to find a routine or schedule and cannot find one.

It should be under the pencil in the upper-right-hand corner of the home tab, then “Edit Rules”. Since these are not named by the device by default, you may have to hunt.