Ordered 2 spare battery packs…

I ordered two spare battery packs along with my battery cam pro. Ordered through Amazon… Received a C battery. That’s it.

You can try contacting Amazon about this. Obviously someone stole the Wyze battery and replaced it with an Energizer battery. It’s hard to say who did it (warehouse order maker, delivery person, someone who returned it and Amazon resent it, etc), but it is up to Amazon to resolve it since it came through their fulfillment.


These were factory sealed.

You didn’t say if it was through an Amazon third party. But why would you post about it here, when clearly it’s an Amazon or Amazon third party issue? If it was sold and shipped by Amazon they will replace it or refund you. If it’s an Amazon third party seller, it might take a bit longer to get things resolved. But it could have been scam return that the scammers sealed properly.

I had assumed they ordered the Wyze product from the Amazon Wyze Store (which makes it related to Wyze and the forum), which, the Amazon Wyze store does fulfillment through Amazon Warehouses. But you’re right, it could’ve been a 3rd party seller. Regardless, even if it was a 3rd party seller, the next step is definitely to contact Amazon. That is one thing I like about buying from Amazon, is that all purchases are safe purchases. Amazon will guarantee things pretty well even if it was a 3rd party. It’s part of the benefit and safety net of using Amazon. I agree with you though, that I think you are right about it likely being a scam return that was resealed. It happens A TON this time of year especially.


Yep, and again he didn’t need to post about here unless he bought it directly from Wyze. Because it had nothing to do with Wyze, as much as I dislike them right now. :slight_smile:

Seems to be more than just “right now” :wink:


Funny that Amazon bounced this back to

Interesting. I can’t believe Amazon didn’t take care of it. It would’ve come from their warehouse to your house. Let me know what Wyze says and give me a support ticket number if needed. I can’t see anyway this isn’t on Amazon to resolve. I’ve had similar issues before and only Amazon could handle it. I think the Amazon rep didn’t know what they were doing. Either way, keep me updated in case I need to try to pass some info on to someone higher up.

Because right now I’m having some huge issues with my cameras and the app. The app freezes constantly, recordings won’t download to the cloud so they just show screen shots. The Events page shows some recordings as being over a minute long, yet when they do play they are only seconds long. Been very frustrating lately.

You can’t just make blanket statements without providing more information. Why would Amazon bounce it back to Amazon. Was is sold and delivered by Amazon?! Your lack of information makes your claim very suspect.

oh well…

And that’s what I thought! I knew this was a shenanigans post.

It’s in no way, shape or form phony. Just because it’s not written to your standards doesn’t mean otherwise.

Sounds like karma has found you.

That’s funny princess! :slight_smile:

But you still didn’t answer the questions. And that’s why it’s so suspicious. Has nothing to do with standards, it has to do with facts.