Camera Damaged in Transit

Hi I had a camera damaged in transit, it was never delivered, but the tracking stated that it would be returned to Wyze. I have never had this problem, can someone tell me if and when another one will come, and when they receive the item do they know who they are from? And if so do they send one automatically? I wrote back but I received an auto message stating I am in que as they are really busy right now. I paid over $200.00 in items, I really should not have to wait cause I never received the item damaged it went right back to Wyze and they should just send me a new one without me having to wait this long time.
Thanks for any help.

Reach out to Wyze:

They should be able to help


Yeah, not your fault.

Keep in mind, it’s also not Wyze’s fault.

Wyze may not even know yet that the shipment was broken and didn’t arrive to you. The carrier said they are returning everything to Wyze, so you probably have to wait until they actually return it to Wyze first. Once Wyze receives it, they will see that you didn’t get your shipment, and hopefully they will issue a new shipment to you ASAP.

I would follow spamoni4’s suggestion to call customer support. If you have them check the tracking, maybe they can get the new order pushed through for you sooner even if the shipment hasn’t made it back to them yet. Maybe there is a way they can help get it to you sooner.

Remember, though this is understandably really frustrating, It is the shipper who is at fault here. Just contact Wyze to see how they can help speed it up for you. There are options to contact them by phone, chat, or email. I prefer the email option so I don’t have to wait. I can do everything on my own time. But if time is important here, then Phone is one of the best options to get it resolved fastest.


Yes I totally agree it is the shippers fault, but it is also the fault of whom ever shipped the items, my cameras came is a brown bag, not padding no nothing. I am surprised that the other 3 survived. I also understand that they came from Amazon, but Wyze must make it stated that their items should be properly packaged. I feel all parties are at fault because why ship a camera in a paper bag, yes they are coming on the shipping trucks and not the mail, but still they get thrown around, things placed on top of each other. It has been almost 2 weeks now, emails are stuck in limbo, I will get in a chat with someone today or tomorrow. Nothing was done so far because we just returned from a 9 day cruise. I just wanted to know if Wyze sees the problem and mails the new one out automatically.

Sorry if my statement seemed harsh, I only wanted to know if they send things back out automatically, I still have my sea legs and brain with dizziness. But I do want the camera. This will not stop me from buying from Wyze, but if they come from Amazon, it will worry me.

Thank you I will do that.

As they say “Been There Done That” I went into a chat and it was really no help at all, I did not even get an answer as to if and when I am getting my camera. This is silly, it shows them that it is coming back, so all I want is what I paid for. That is what anyone would want. Just send me the one that was damaged so I can install it at my business. At the end of the chat I had no idea if anything was resolved, all they said was “I have all the info and I will send you an email” What does that really mean. I am so mad that Amazon took it upon themselves to send my cameras in paper bags. If I had known my items were coming from Amazon I may not have ordered, they use to be good at shipping but because of the rush they are not packing things with care. All I really want is what I paid for, I don’t think I am asking for much. I should come before any orders taken after my camera was noted that it was damaged.