Missing camera in sealed box!

I just opened the third of four Wyze Cam OG’s I purchased in January and it was missing the camera. The box was sealed at the top and there was three charging cords, one Wyze charger and one Amazon charger in the box but no camera. Has anyone had something like this happen? Where do I turn to try and get this rectified? Thanks for any help.

Apparently, you ordered from Amazon? Assuming this is the case, I would contact Amazon. customer service.
I’m guessing one of 2 things happened:

  1. 1 of their employees (in the warehouse) stole the camera and stuffed an extra product inside it so it felt like something was still there.
  2. Someone ordered it from Amazon, stole the camera, put something else in it, then returned it to Amazon saying it was ordered by mistake, unused, etc, so they resold it since it appeared unopened.

I am just guessing at the above 2 things. Either way, if you ordered through Amazon, you should contact Amazon (assuming you ordered from Amazon because you said it had an Amazon charger in it).


No, I purchased four cameras directly from Wyze on the OG launch day in January. So weird that there was an Amazon charger in the box.

Wait you ordered these way back in January, and you’re just now mentioning/noticing that they are missing the camera 9 months later? I don’t think anything can be done about it now. My primary guess is that someone visiting your house slowly pried up the sticker, took the camera out, added in something else with a little weight to hope you wouldn’t notice, or to just prank you, then reattached it.
Wyze does have a really good 30 day money back guarantee…but there’s no way any sane company would believe that a product they delivered 9 months ago had another companies’ product inside of it, and that it is their fault.
That really sucks though. However it happened, that’s rough. I’m sorry to hear that.


I ordered the cameras directly from Wyze in support of their OG launch day and have also been a long time user of Wyze cameras. Due to some physical limitations, I have been slowly replacing my old Wyze v2 cameras over the last several months with the OG’s. The shipping box was sealed without any signs of tampering and the box with the missing camera also had the unbroken factory seal so I had no reason to open and inspect each camera until I was ready to activate it. Wyze said when I contacted them to file a complaint with the post office! It does not make sense, between Wyze shipping the camera and the post office receiving it, why someone would take just one camera out of the box and replace it with extra cables and charger and seal everything back up and send it to it’s destination. The only way I can explain the contents of the box with the missing camera is Wyze shipped them via Amazon Logistics. Does this mean they supplied Amazon with the cameras for the launch day sale and someone at Amazon stole the camera out of the box? I would hope Wyze would take responsibility to make this right. I’m not making all this fuss about a $20 camera… It’s the principle of the thing. Someone ultimately stole from Wyze and I, the consumer and Wyze supporter, got penalized.