[Moved] Help with order please

Hello. I placed an order on 02/24. I believe I submitted the order prior to creating an account even though I thought i entered my email address in the order. However to this point I have not received any notification that my order was submitted. My bank account was charged for the order back on 02/26 but I never received any email. I’m wondering how I can find out the status on my order. I am aware of the delays by reading the posts here but would still like to be sure my order is being processed.


Thank you.

I had a very similar issue. If you paid using amazon pay try checking the email associated with your amazon pay account.

Have you sent an email to Wyze Cam support? I can definitely check on that for you but I’ll need to go through a support ticket. Please email support@wyzecam.com and let me know the support ticket number, thanks!