Associating an order to my account

I purchased a couple of cameras and thought i had associated them with my account but they do not show up under my orders. I would like to know if there is a way to link the order to my account. Thanks

Did you use Amazon Pay?

I did not, just a credit card.

We can link that for you! I’d recommend sending an email to with your account email address and order number, thanks!

I’ll be doing likewise (sending an email) for my order on 2/15 that has never appeared in my account … I did use Amazon Pay, if that matters

I did the same thing, using Amazon Pay, and was told by support that they couldn’t resolve this. Has something changed in the last month or so?

Howdy, apparently it has. Around 16:00 MDT I sent an email to support and within a couple of hours I’d received email confirmation that my order had been associated. Just verified that it now shows up under the Orders tab. p.s. enjoyed your Skylar time-lapse video :wink:

I ordered via credit card.

Fired off an email to associate it with my account…nada.

I’m sure they’re swamped, but 11 days in it would be nice know where my order is in the process.



Yes it did change really recently and now we are able to =)

Do you have a support number I could follow up with? Thanks!