Couple of questions

Just ordered two Wyze cams and have been trying to get through to CS via the phone for the past half hour. Even though I was only #2 in the queue, I was still disconnected.

So here are the current questions:

  1. I ordered before creating a profile. How can I get my purchase associated with my profile?
  2. How many hours of video will the microSD card hold and how can I maximize the recording time?
  3. Can I review stored video via the app or is it just for later viewing?
  4. What's with the wonky setup for creating a password? The system states on the page that passwords / passcodes should be 12 characters long, but when I use 12 characters or more I get a message that my password is too weak. I had to reduce the characters down to 11 (*cough* Nigel Tufnel *cough*) in order to get the system to allow any passcode.
  5. Will I be sent a tracking number in order to see when I'm going to receive my purchase?
  1. No you cannot, but it shouldn't really matter
  2. This is answered in the FAQ found by clicking the Support link at the top of this page
  3. Again, see the FAQ "How can I set up continuous recording?"
  4. IDK
  5. Click Support above, then Shipping & Returns for info

RickO is correct that there is nothing you can do to associate your order with your profile, but Wyze can.

If you ordered it from Wyze, you should have received an email with your order number. Forward that with a request to, and if the email you have associated with your profile is the same as the order number was sent to, they should be able to associated it for you.

They did that for my two v1 cameras I ordered before I created a Wyze account.

Interesting, because I asked them to associate my first order with my account set up later and they told me they could not. Ah, but I used Amazon Pay, and hence my order was probably associated with the email I use for Amazon, different than for Wyze. Perhaps that’s why they were unable.

We weren’t able to do it until about a month or two ago, now we are able to =)

Any order that went through, Amazon Pay or no, can be associated with your account now, we will just need your account email and your order numbers.

How do I get that to you?

My account email is the same as the one associated with this one.


You will need to submit an email to and then you can let me know your support ticket number and I’ll hop over and get that associated right away.

I don’t have a support ticket number.

I just emailed and included my order number.


You don’t get a support ticket number until you send email. I think the ticket is auto generated in response to email received. You have probably received it by now.