Amazon Pay Order (V3 Promotion)

Hello…first time post, so please forgive me if this is in the wrong forum, sub-forum, or is just plain ignant. :wink:
I recently upgraded to CamPlus for my existing cameras, primarily to take advantage of the (hopefully) faster order/receipt of a couple of new V3 cameras. I went ahead and added CamPlus to those as well. All was good…seemingly straightforward…until the payment options. Silly me…I chose to use Amazon Pay. Easy Peasy right? The problem (I’d bet), is that my Amazon account is associated with a different address than my Wyze account. Once I completed my purchase…I noticed that after the “Thanks for your order” page…I was no longer logged in. So…I log back into my Wyze account. NO ORDERS. I give it 24 hours…payment has been debited via Amazon Pay…NO ORDERS associated with my Wyze account. I’ve got a feeling that my stuff is in “order limbo”. Who knows what account the items are associated with. And more importantly…will my items be on the “slow boat” due to the confusion? So much for the expedited nature of V3 orders for existing CamPlus accounts…

Does anyone have any similar experience, or advice?

This may be a rare issue…or may not even be an issue at all. But the email disparity seems to be a potential “black hole” for confusion.

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If you’re not seeing the V3 order in the order history, the order did not go through or there is a bug. Did you receive any order confirmation emails from Wyze? Was your card charged?
Would it be possible for you to try a different payment method when ordering?

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I have the have the same problem .the sale shows on my amazon acc. but not on wyze acc

Well…duh on me. I just had the AMAZING idea of checking the email that IS associated with my Amazon account (highly UN-monitored)…an I DO have order confirmation, and successful payment emails. But…the problem still remains…WILL these receive ANY kind of “expedited” handling because of my CamPlus membership? I don’t see how…they were “ordered” (as far as Wyze accounts go) from an email with NO Wyze account whatsoever! Not only that…what account WILL they be associated with? This is a totally unnecessary difficulty Wyze! DO NOT ASSUME that my Amazon email is the same as my Wyze associated email!!

are you with wyze

No…apparently just another frustrated customer…expecting yet MORE frustration in the future.

I got confirmation from both email accounts; from Amazon Pay that the charge got through, and from Wyze that the order was received.

I would suggest all of you contact Wyze Customer Support about this issue!
By phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT


Thank you Brlepage. Will do. Hopefully someone’s monitoring the phone.


Did you get this issue resolved? I am having the same problem. I ordered the v3 cameras with the annual CamPlus promotion. I got the cameras, but I never got the CamPlus. The order for the cameras nor CamPlus shows up in my Wyze order. I only have the dollar amount charged through Amazon Pay. I have no way of getting the CamPlus licenses associated with my account.

This is an on going issue. Your new cams will have a 14 day free trial then after about 7-8 days you will get an email from WYZE with a code to redeem you cam plus licenses. It is a pain in the a$$.

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That’s not my experience. I got the redeem email around the time the V3s arrived. I fact, I had to take the V3s off from the trial so I can activate Cam Plus.

Ok, the code was sent to my wife’s Amazon email address that she never checks. All good.

Sometimes this will happen because Wyze doesn’t what your Wyze account information is when you order on Amazon.