No order status in my account page

Hello! Couple of days ago I placed an order for 5 cam pans and 1 cam black. My card was charged via amazon pay.

However, under My Account → My Orders page, there aren’t any orders reflected. I have wrote in via email about this as well, but there wasn’t any reply.

In the FAQs, there’s a link to the Order Status Tool but it just redirect back to My Account page.

How can I check the status of my order?

Welcome to the community, @konstrain. I’m going to speculate you mean Wyze’s website. Have you also tried checking your order’s status through the Wyze app? If that doesn’t work, I would recommend submitting a support request. If you have already submitted one, how long ago did you do that?

Hi DreadPirateRush, thanks for the warm welcome and responding to my thread! Yes, I was referring to placing order from the Wyze website. I just installed the app and logged into my account there. There’s nothing under the Order Status page as well.

I had submitted a ticket about 4-5 hours ago. I’ll just give them more time to respond to me. Hopefully the cams are shipped out!

I have the same issue with orders (Scale, Thermometer) bought using Amazon Pay not showing up in My Orders list in my account (web or app). I do not recall if I was logged into Wyze account when the order was placed. The website had some issues during the order process during the Early Access order period for Band and Scale.

I just sent in a ticket to get them associated with my account so that I can see them and track them.

I will try to remember to get back to this thread and update status if this is resolved and how for others.