Ordering issues

I ordered some items off the wyze website, but I paid through amazon. Why are my orders not showing up in MY ORDERS? I should have a history of my two orders, but it says I have placed no orders.

Hi @LEFTY81, welcome to the community!

If you’re going to Account – Wyze and you’re logged in with the same Wyze account you used when you placed your orders they should be there. If not, that’s probably something Wyze Support will have to look at.

I assume these are recent orders, but if they’re older there was a point where the order history was deleted during a site migration.

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The main thing is that I would like to find the invoice for my two orders and I would like to see an item list for each invoice. Unfortunately, I only see an amount charged through Amazon and when I check My Orders, it says I dont have any orders.

You might be able to find that info in the order confirmation email in the meantime. Look for an email from “store@wyze.com” with a subject like “Your Wyze order 001234567 has been received!”. In that email I see each item listed with the unit price, subtotal, shipping, and tax.