Should I be worried...


I placed my order for two WYZE Cam Pan Cameras @ 12:45pm Est. on Wednesday, 05/30, and I notice this order doesn’t show up in my recent orders under my account as of today, Thursday! Should I be worried?

My orders also don’t show up yet. I think this was a similar issue that I had before with previous orders. They should show up shortly. I have the confirmation emails and invoices etc.

I had the same issue with the very first Wyzecam v2 I ordered about a month ago. That order NEVER did show on my account, but I got the camera in 7 days.

I received my email yesterday, they have been shipped! Yeah!

I think the Wyze crew is much better at developing camera software than they are websites. Last night I tried to order a Pan but when I clicked on pay via Amazon, the screen went blank. Then I tried to loogin to see if the order took and the site would not accept my valid password so I asked for a reset. When I got the reset code via email, there was no place to enter it to change my password. Then I tried to send a support ticket and the send button for my message was inoperable.

This morning, I logged in, ordered a Pan and paid using Amazon. Wow! Success.

I guess the web site keeps the same hours as Wyze support :slight_smile:

I have 4 V2 Cams and am looking forward to two of the Pans. I still can’t believe the feature rich products at such a low price. If I was not retired, Wyze would have me begging for a job. It sounds like a fun and creative place to work and their products show the result.

I was having issues logging in today. Had to reset my password, they send a couple emails when you submit to reset so its kinda confusing. I got the same “click here to reset” and there was no where to reset. Then another email came with a reset link. Then another came with a reset code.

The password reset process is indeed not what I was expecting. I stumbled on it a few times a couple of days ago which caused my ifttt link to malfunction lol.