Requesting Wyze sell replacement batteries

Since there are so many bad knockoff items sold on amazon, I am requesting that Wyze consider selling replacement sensor batteries as part of their accessories lineup. Peace of mind that they are not knockoffs.

Hey RdsmithIII,

While I do see your vision, there are many trusted brands of batteries you are able to purchase at any local grocery store, on Amazon or other sites. Some brands I trust personally are Duracell and Energizer.


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Hello Kenner,

The reason I posted on this forum is because another Wyze associate thought this was a valid idea and asked me to write the post.

There are too many knock-offs being sold on amazon, including batteries. Yes they have the Energizer wrapper, but come DOA or last a week. There may be 20 sellers selling the same product, some may be selling legitimate products, others selling junk in hopes
you purchase their junk and then you don’t complain.

Most of these sellers are out of china, and know they can get away with selling knock-offs for awhile, then change names and start all over again. The issue is that amazon isn’t sorting out the frauds, we the consumer take the loss.

I suspect you are an energetic 20-something with a rosy outlook who hasn’t yet been burned by any of these fraudsters.

Please go forward with an cautious open mind. Go on amazon and look at a battery of your choice and start reading the one star reviews. Remember, most battery purchasers don’t immediately use every battery, they use one and the others sit in a drawer for future
use. Some sellers try to bribe you to give them 5 star reviews.

I personally buy my name brand batteries from Costco, however they do not sell the coin batteries that you use in your products.



Hey RdsmithIII,

Again, I do see your visiom but Wyze selling batteries wouldn’t be too wise. You can just buy trustsd name brands. It would probably cost Wyze rather then profit off batteries.


Wyze includes batteries in every sensor when they’re shipped so they have batteries. Also, the contact sensor and motion sensor use 2 different batteries. Battery prices are gouged so badly you are almost better off buying completely new sensors. :yawning_face:

Are you physically not able to get to a local store?

The problem is Amazon and consumers being tricked by the convenience.