Sensor Battery Replacement?

I read that the sensor batteries are expected to last 12 months. However, I do not see any instructions for battery replacement. Are they replaceable? If not, are we expected to throw them away? Thank you.

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Yes, they are replaceable coin style batteries. The Motion Sensor uses CR2450 and the Contact Sensor uses CR1632. They are replaced by putting a small flat screwdriver or perhaps a dime in the slot on the side of the sensor case and popping it open.


We need a battery replacement section with a graphic in the Support files.
This is another thing that may seem obvious to some, but baffles others.


Thank you both for your replies. That covers the issue quite well.

I’ve already asked them directly to add that. :slight_smile:


One of my door sensors already has a dead battery. :frowning: It is on our front door.

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Thanks! I lost one battery when my garage door scraped the large part of the contact sensor off. Happened once before, and replacing the battery and remounting fixed it up. This time, I just can’t find the battery. :slight_smile: Thanks for giving the sizes. I’ll get some ordered.

You can see someone opening up a Wyze motion sensor here: Wyze Sense Starter Kit Unboxing for Tinkers - YouTube

And, of course, once you’ve opened up the sensor, it’s a simple matter to swap out the battery.

I’ve confirmed that the Wyze contact sensor opens up in the same way.

One of my sensors came with a dead battery. It’s easy enough to replace (back panel just pops off). Bad part is it’s an odd one and at target cost $4. Almost cheaper to buy an whole new sensor :slight_smile:

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Yeah, those little coin cells are expensive in-store. They cost about $1 each online if you can wait a few days:

I haven’t had any die yet, but I’ll probably keep a pack of each battery type on hand. The two battery sizes are listed here:

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Thanks for sharing! I was focused on getting a battery quick to see if the sensor was broken or just dead battery. Will pick some of the amazon ones for later use.

Seems like Wyze should consider selling large packs of these 2 types of batteries to us through their app at a reasonable cost. In about 10 months from now, there are going to be a lot of people buying up a lot of battery stock on Amazon. :slight_smile:

As an added bit of information: The first time I pried the back off the motion sensor, I was surprised at how much effort it took.
I thought I was going to break it.
Mine just didn’t easily pop off.
It went flying across the room!

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at $15 for 10pk of 1632 Energizers on Amazon, I’m not too concerned. It’s the folks that go to BB , CVS, Walgreen and buy them for $5 each that I worry about.
I just had one of my contact sensors drop off. I pulled the battery and it is at 2.56v. From past experience with other 3v batteries around 2.3v is usually when they start dropping off.


What type of battery life are you all seeing? I have a contact sensor in my garage that went dead within a week?

I have had a contact sensor on my garage door since mid-may and the battery is still working

hi, does anyone know if the sense sensors are using battery while still in the box ? is their shelf life ( used or unused) 1 year?
their doesn’t seem to be an on off switch on any of the sensors. thx

The devices are “on” in the box, but shouldn’t be using hardly any battery in there because:

  • The contact sensors and their magnets are bound together with plastic film to keep them from “triggering” inside the box
  • The motion sensor shouldn’t be triggering either because it shouldn’t be sensing any motion inside the pitchblack interior of the box

There are no power switches on any of the current Wyze sensors

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for the precise info.!

I guess my 3rd search, was the charm!

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I have some rechargeable lithium coin batteries that can have an output voltage as high as 4.2V. What is the maximum voltage that a PIR module or a magnetic contact module can tolerate ? tag: 777battery

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