Wyze Sense Warranty Experience

Just wanted to share my current experience and hopefully help others avoid my situation. I was an early backer on the Wyze Sense Starter Kit (March 2019) and purchased an additional kit after they launched (August 2019). Sensors worked great up until this past month. All 6 contact sensors and 2 motion sensors have needed battery replacements at various times since April 2020, not bad for original battery life. The last week has seen all of my sensors disconnect, but I managed to get 2 contact sensors and 1 motion sensor connected. The rest were frustratingly not functioning correctly. Turns out that there’s a very important piece of information that wasn’t very obvious to me until I found the support page:

Important: Waiting until the battery dies may result in the sensor being unusable even when the battery is replaced. Replace the battery as soon as you see the “Low Battery” warning. If a sensor of yours has died and is unable to connect even after replacing the battery, please contact our support team for help.

Not that big of an issue, contacted support for my 4 contact sensors and 1 motion sensor that refused to connect. Here’s the fun part…the warranty is 12 months from date of purchase. The batteries last an expected 12 months. Support page solution for a sensor that won’t connect? Contact Customer Support.

I got lucky and they’re willing to partially replace what went down, but don’t make my mistake and wait for the batteries to die. At that point, you’ll be out of warranty and out of sensors.

For reference:
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I just went through an almost identical situation, except I’m told there’s nothing they can do. So no replacement of my contact sensor that no longer works. The fact that a drained battery can render the sensor permanently inoperable seems like a pretty serious design flaw. I’m now left wondering what other flaws are hidden in their products? Granted, they are inexpensive, but I don’t think Wyze is intending to market their products as “you get what you pay for.”

Anyway, I’m going to hunt the forums to see if anyone has managed to bring a sensor back to life, because with a new battery inserted the lights flash when I reset it. So it’s not totally dead.

One bit of trouble-shooting I’m curious about, and flagged for support but didn’t get a response to, is about the number of flashes the sensor light flashes when inserting a new battery. The info online says after inserting the battery you need to wait for the sensor light to flash once. While trying to get my dead sensor to work, I noticed it always flashed twice when I inserted the battery. I’m guessing this might be an error code, just not sure what it’s trying to convey.