Wyze Cam V2 + Wyze Sense Starter Kit Bundle

My contact sensors and motion detector are close to 2 years old and starting to fail. My sensor gave no indication of the battery being low. I’ve read that they will fail to reconnect if the battery isn’t changed before going dead. My motion detector started blinking and went offline. Battery said Normal and tried to replace the battery with no luck. Apparently, the life expectancy is about 2 years. Not sure which version the actual sensors are, might be V1. The bridge type connection on the rear of the Wyze Cam is no longer available. This company has made so many changes since I purchased this that they keep their consumers in constant chaos. I don’t believe I’ll be buying any more products from Wyze the lack of company direction and constant babysitting needed to try keeping this system operating properly requires too much time and effort.

Is there a question in there some place?


This was related to the v1 Sensors not the v2. If you are using the v2 sensors with the new Wyze Sense Hub, you should be ok. I usually make it a point to change batteries yearly, but definitely within 18 months.