On/Off Toggles/Schedule for Wyze Sense sensors

Here’s my problem. I have a Wifi siren that I am triggering from Wyze Sense, and cameras, through IFTTT. Because it’s not possible to create IFTTT Applets for Wyze shortcuts or groups, I must create a separate IFTTT Applet for each camera, motion sensor, and contact sensor (a real pain) and then each of the Applets must be toggled on for the siren to work. When I am home, I can turn my cameras off (via shortcuts), so they don’t trigger IFTTT (and the Siren). However, since there is no way to prevent the Sense devices from sending triggers to IFTTT, then I must turn off each of the IFTTT Applets, one-by-one, to prevent the siren from sounding. The same problem occurs for sense devices that are set to record video clips on cameras that stay on (i.e. my outside cameras). When I am home, the cameras are continuously recording clips which are being sent to the cloud – flooding Wyze servers and using up network bandwidth and filling my events tab.

There needs to be a way (On/OFF toggle) to prevent the sense devices from sending triggers to IFTTT and the Wyze Android app.

Extremely helpful if the app had a fast one-click “Pause Alerts” button or options for, Pause Alerts, Pause Alerts 10 min., Pause Alerts 30min.

Hi JLhumbertm,

I am new to this area of IFTTT Applets. Is there a guide book you can point me to? It appears that I must provide a Facebook account or Twitter account to have access. Is there a way around this requirement? I have neither a Facebook account nor a Twitter account and it is going to stay that way. Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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@Stellar, You should be able to create an IFTTT account using your email address and password (that’s what I did - see screenshot). As far as how to use IFTTT, it’s fairly simple – just search YouTube and the Web for tutorials (there are many).


Thanks jlhumbert for the direction.

I took part of your code and now I get an error message that I cannot resolve. You can tell me to pound sand, you do not debug code, and I will understand. But, if you have a minute look at the image below. I am at a loss about the error. The brackets are balanced. JavaScript is new to me. I am an old Assembly code and Fortran programmer. Cut my teeth on an IBM 705 (vacuum tube system). Old dogs and new tricks do not always go as planed. Thanks for the assistance if you can… enjoy the day. Wyze products are great and going in the right direction.


Hi Stellar,

I did not post any code, but I’m assuming you’re referring to the code example that rick.gardner posted above. I haven’t used Javascript in many years but, if I remember correctly, anything on the same line after the double slashes “//” is interpreted as a comment. So in the example that you posted, the “else” command is commented out. Try putting the comments on a line by themselves like shown in this example below. Hope this helps!!

var currentHour = Meta.currentUserTime.hour()
if (currentHour >= 18 || currentHour < 5) {
// Run the applet
} else {
// Skip the action

Hi jlhumbert,

Thank you for your assistance. I will see if that does the job. I need to start getting smart on JavaScript. Yet another new language to learn, ugh. At my age the gray cells do not snap like the use to, but they still work and I know my name so it can’t be all bad. Thank again.


Hello jlhumbert,

Thank you, thank you. It works.

Great work around until Wyze publishes a scheduler function of their own.

I owe you a beer or two….


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Just like the ability to schedule event recording with the cameras, I would like to disable motion sensor (sensor part of sense) during certain times in the day.



Just got the sense kit setup yesterday. Motion sensor works great, but not being able to schedule during specific times really limits the functionality. Was really hoping to be able to disable the motion sensors at night when I’m home, as I have it set to turn on my bedroom lights when triggered and off when cleared. This becomes an issue if me or my girlfriend get up in the middle of the night. Also if we are in the room but the motion sensor is cleared because we are not moving, the lights are turned off. This could all be avoided if we could just schedule the motion sensor to not trigger the lights while we’re home or during certain times.


I’ve been waiting for this feature and to my dismay they have marked this thread “maybe later” so I don’t think it is happening anytime soon. I place a coffee mug over mine when I go to bed and remove it when I wake up.

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Each sensor, or even groups of them, can be turned off via Shortcuts, or actually it would be more accurate to say their notifications can be turned off.

A good place to start would be here: https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360030845952-Shortcuts-and-Automation-with-Wyze-Sense

The exact functionality you are looking for is not yet here. But it is I believe coming.

Let me know if you get stuck on anything!

I am annoyed when people say that you can use shortcuts to turn off notifications, as if that is a solution to what we are requesting. It undermines our intelligence to assume we haven’t investigated the simplicity of the Wyze App and are a bunch of Noobs who don’t understand technology. What we are asking for is VERY clear: the ability to schedule when the sensors are in use. This is a feature that should have come out a long time ago since it allows users to integrate the sensors into their existing smart-home setup for a very low cost. That’s the whole mission of Wyze, to make smart-home technology affordable and therefore accessible to everyone. Luckily, I know a good product when I see one, and I know I invested wisely in Wyze. I just have to be patient for the one feature that would make my setup complete.


You are absolutely right. I am very sorry to be totally honest I didn’t fully comprehend what you were asking until later. Terribly sorry, hopefully what you are looking for will be provided functionality sooner rather than later.


Hey @henryn2! We can’t actually turn sensors on/off, but you can always schedule notifications on/off. Does that satisfy your need? And we are working on the ability to add time conditions for shortcuts so your motion sensor could only turn the lights off at night… or something like that.

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We are working on adding time conditions to the Shortcut so your motion sensor could only run during a specific time. Again–we won’t actually stop the sensor from working, but the shortcut simply won’t run.


Would this work if you are using IFTTT? Lets say i have the Wyze motion sensor setup to turn on a non Wyze device through IFTTT, and I only want it to function during specific time frames… simply turning off the notifications does not accomplish this since the motion trigger is still sent through the service. We need a way to disable (since they can’t be turned off) the motion detection completely…not just notifications.

Thanks for your help

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Hi there,

I would like Wyze Sense to have schedule either on rules or on the sensor itself, here is my justification:

I would like to control a Wyze Bulb that is on a Hall at late night starting at 11pm I would like to enable a rule for turning on with motion and turning it off with motion clear after 5min and disable that rule at 6am.

Right now I manage it having a schedule for the Wyze Bulb to power from 5pm to 6am at 1% Brightness, when the Wyze Sense motion triggers, it spins up the Brightness to 100% then after motion clears out 5 minutes returns Brightness to 1%. Would be fantastic that rules have a schedule or the Wyze Sense it self.

PD: From my perspective its not good for a hall to have 1% of brightness all the needed time, It looks silly :sweat_smile:

You might want to take a look at this #roadmap topic, which is tagged as “in development”: Allow schedule AND event to control shortcut / rule triggers


If we have integration mods we need sometimes to ON/OFF motion sensors like cameras…