On/Off Toggles/Schedule for Wyze Sense sensors

Good question! We’re focusing on the app first, but will expand to IFTTT shortly thereafter.


Thanks for the response @mike.s keep up the great work!! :grinning::+1:

Wyze you need to make schedules and on/off switches for Wyze Sense!

Update: I bit the bullet and ordered a Hue Motion Sensor for my setup ($$$).The Hue Motion Sensor is way over priced just to have a light come on when I enter my bedroom room and off when I leave, but it allows me to snooze the sensor after bed time. I was hopeful the $5 Wyze Motion Sensor would have been updated to allow this feature, but this topic was moved to “Probably Not”.

Unfortunately, the Wyze Motion Sensor was limited since I was unable to have the Camera on and the Motion Sensors off during the night. I’ve been woken up too many times in the middle of the night because the Wyze sensor is still running at night and I’d forget to put a teacup over it. The Wyze sensor now changes a light in my living room to a dim yellow whenever my dog enters his potty area; and I can assure you, had I known that’s where it was going to end up, I wouldn’t have purchased the extra motion sensor.

Thanks Wyze, but I’ve moved you to the “Probably Not” list of future purchases; Touche.

Lol! But you have been misinformed I think. I don’t know what feature is probably not but I turn my hallway motion sensor off all night with no issue (or teacup) required.

But I am sure you will be happy with the Hue sensor so it’s not a loss of anything other than money.

I totally agree. This is what we want. A way to ignore / enable the motion detection by the motion sensor.
Someone from wyze told me that there is no way to physically disable the motion sensor, but they can simply ignore any motion detection.
Why don’t they do this

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Hey Bruce, I’m sorry can you explain to everyone here how do you turn off the motion sensor (sense). I think you don’t know your own products.
I’m looking for a way do this for a long time without success .
This is what we want. But there is no solution. I have many unanswered questions in this forum about this topic.
Why DO YOU say it’s possible?

You can’t actually turn the sensor itself off but you can turn the notifications off. If you truly need to turn the sensor off you are out of luck. Now that said I run most of my automations that are motion sensor driven on a schedule. For instance I have a motion sensor in the spare room that is tied to a camera to upload a video. I have it scheduled where that automation only happens from 10 pm to 6 am. During the day I turn that automation off.

Also I have a set of contact sensors I only care about at night. So I turn the camera the bridge is connected to off via automation and turn it back on when I want both the camera and the sensors to work. The cameras and sensors are cheap enough I have multiple bridges and cameras that I can turn on or off if needed. Turning the bridge the sensors are connected to is equivalent to turning the sensor off.

Hope this helps.

I’m sorry but turning off the camera and the attached bridge does not make any sense because I will not be able to get the status from the attached contact door sensors. I did not ask to disable the sense motion sensor, I asked for the possibility to IGNORE the activity of the sense sensors through a Toggle switch so that I don’t end up with hundreds of events per day when we are at home. A schedule based activation / deactivation in this situation is useless, because I do not leave home based on a daily schedule. Yes a home / away option would be helpful but for this there is a request already in the wishlist with no success to be implemented.
How come the wyzecam has the option to enable / disable the motion detection, but the sense sensor does not…

Hey whatever works for you is fine with me. My solutions work for me. I don’t think any solution, yours, mine, or brother Bubba’s will work for everybody. But it’s always worth seeing or learning how someone else resolved something. Who knows it may trigger an idea for yet another way!


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I need this option/capability. To be able to ignore events from the motion sensor.

I have a contact sensor and motion sensor to trigger washroom lights.
If it senses motion it turns on the light and once motion clears it turns off the lights. But if the door is closed then I want to be able to ignore the motion clears event (mostly likely someone is in the washroom if the door is closed).
When the door contact sensor is closed, it triggers the motion sensor events to be ignored, once the door opens the motion sensor events should be un-ignored.

I have a similar concern to others regarding IFTTT and the Wyze motion sensor. I would need the motion sensor to only trigger IFTTT actions during a specified time period. Not just disabling notifications.

Why not add a enable/disable IFTTT in the “Device Actions” menu of the Wyze app? It shouldn’t be too hard to implement and would be extremely useful. For example, I currently use a motion sensor to trigger my LIFX lights. I could set a schedule in the Wyze app that says “at 10 am, activate IFTTT integration for device X. At 10 pm deactivate IFTTT integration for device X.” That way, I don’t have to put my motion sensor in a drawer when I go to bed or keep toggling off the IFTTT appler every day. If you do that, other users can also add shortcuts to toggle the IFTTT operation, use the motion detection feature of the Wyze cams, or anything else we can think of to meet our needs.

You can do that with Alexa. You can set if motion sensor detects motion between 10am -10pm turn on light.

I used this similar setup to change the light brightness/warmth with my hue lights depending time of day.

Last I checked, The Wyze motion sensors weren’t exposed to Alexa therefore, you can’t directly interact with sensors using Alexa. I know there was a workaround sometime last year that allowed you to add sensors to alexa. Unfortunately, I didn’t get my sensors until after that workaround was patched.

I’m curious how you set your lights to change by time of day. Do you just use schedules? (dim lights at 9pm) or is it based on sunrise/sunset? I only recently started using Alexa, so I’m not entirely sure of it’s capabilities and limitations.

The sensors are now fully exposed and integrated with Alexa. Here is a Wyze motion sensor being used in an Alexa routine to turn Hue lights on.


There’s option in Alexa to input the time. So I have a routine with

motion detected between 10 am- 7pm turn on lights with with brightness 80% , daylight white.

And another routine to turn on between 7pm - 1am 70%, warm white.


Of course with this it doesn’t transition between the brightness/warmth between the time slots if the lights are already on.

I also found a way to do what I wanted to keep the lights on if the door is closed using SmartThings and 2 virtual switch.

Oh so it’s by a predefined time period. Thanks for the info. It will really help me out. I will explore the Alexa routines and SmartThings.

I just tried discovering my sensors with the Alexa app and none of them showed up. Do you have to reset the sensors or bridge?

Did you add your sensors to alexa recently, or back when the sensors were discoverable for a period of time?

I was able to discover my sensors. I had to disable and reenable the alexa skill. Thanks for your help

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I added recently. I think it had similar problem. Try reconnecting the device to Wyze. And need be reconnecting your Wyze account to Alexa.

Do you have a Smarthings hub?
You need one to use smarthings app.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a SmartThings hub. I have a SmartThings account and use the app to control my Samsung TV’s, but it doesn’t look like you can do too much without the hub. Might be wrong though. I’ll have to check.

And the problem with discovering sensors turned out to be that for some reason, the Wyze skill was disabled. I reenabled it and my sensors were all discovered.

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Probably not? That’s a bummer. Right now I need to have my cameras on a schedule to make that happen and it’s extremely flaky!