On/Off Toggles/Schedule for Wyze Sense sensors

Exactly this. I use the camera and sensors at a small bar, and would love the ability to set a notification schedule for the magnetic sensor especially.

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I agree with the original post by @henryn2 100%. I have a Wyze motion sensor paired to each of my cameras and the motion sensors are set to trigger the camera to record when motion is detected. I use the motion sensors, instead of camera motion detection, to avoid false detection’s. I also have contact sensors on my entry doors set to trigger the outside cameras (that are facing the doors) to record if the sensors “open”. When I am home, I like to keep my outside cameras ON so I can see what’s going on outside, but since there is no way to turn off the sensors (motion or contact) the outside cameras are constantly being triggered to record every time we open a door or go outside. This fills up my SD cards (installed in each camera) and clutters my cloud storage (with unnecessary clips). Not having a way to “turn off”, or ignore, sensors also creates a lot of wifi chatter, clutters the sensor log files and seems to be impacting my phone battery because of the phone receiving, and logging, thousands of sensor triggers throughout the day when we are home. Even if the sensors can’t be “turned off”, it would be nice to have a setting (controllable with shortcuts and schedules) to have the phone app, and cameras, ignore the sensor triggers when desired.




Is there a real option instead of this? A real schedule for sensors is needed. Wyze Shortcuts aren’t accessible outside of Wyze, they they aren’t helpful. Unless it works with ifttt or some other automation, this seems like a bad implementation. I got six of theses things in hopes that they’d work for me, but they aren’t. How can I return them?

From what I understand they are working on more features and functions in the app for the sensors


they are indeed sir. in fact this is marked as “in testing”

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I would encourage you to think beyond just notification toggles. These sensors can be extremely versatile with IFTTT if they could be configured to detect only between certain times etc.

I would like to use motion sensors to automate my lights at night. I would thus like to be able to set the motion sensor to only “detect” during set times at night and trigger my lights via IFTTT. Any events outside the set times should ideally be “discarded” by the sensor and should not trigger any IFTTT actions.

Although the sensors can’t be turned off - which is understandable - the Wyze cloud / back end service should respond to scheduling or an on/off toggle in the app to discard events received from the sensors outside the set times.


with IFTTT if they could be configured to detect only between certain times etc.

Well, you could add filter code to IFTTT to specify the times you want them active. I have one such set up where, when the main garage door opens, it turns on my Hue lights in the TV room so we can see when we enter a darkened house - but only from 1800 to 0500 hrs.

var currentHour = Meta.currentUserTime.hour()
if (currentHour >= 18 || currentHour < 5 ) {
// Run the applet
} else {
// Skip the action

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Thank you! I’m definitely going to do that until Wyze comes up with a simpler solution.

Mounting a motion sensor near entrance door without having the ability to control its operations, make the camera automatically goes to ON even when notification are off.
In example, people that are going in and out from home, operate the related camera even when I turned it OFF and no need for unnecessary notifications. Pls add an option to control when the motion sensor (and other sensors) turns the camera on.


You can now schedule the notifications for the sensors by using the Shortcuts feature. Does this satisfy your need to schedule the sensors?


It would actually be really useful to see one’s custom shortcuts in IFTTT as action to trigger multiple Wyze automations via IFTTT.

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I would like to use the Wyze Sense sensors to turn on and off the outside flood lights when there is activity at night. I really do not want the flood lights on during the daylight hours. A schedule function would be great, or some why in IFTTT to control the action during certain hours. The Sense sensor is working great with IFTTT and EWeLink to control the lights but I need a schedule function. Thanks for the assistance.


MODERATOR NOTE: As mentioned above, you can now schedule Sense notifications on/off. For those of you that indicated this would accomplish your goal, you can consider this as launched. However, since the sensors themselves cannot actually be turned on/off, we will leave this topic open for voting.


Thank you Loki for the update. But, as I understand it, turning of notifications does not stop the Sense sensors notifying IFTTT of the status change. If I am incorrect please advise. Thank you.

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I have not tested it, but I believe you are correct. And that’s one good reason this #wishlist topic is not being closed and marked as complete.

OK! Where is this documented in a form that a non programmer can
understand and use. I stopped buying sensors until this issue was
resolved in a meaningful way, I hope this provides that solution!

The Sense documentation is on the Wyze support pages.

Wyze Sense Guides

And here is the info specifically about Shortcuts: https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024560052&?section=home-tab-shortcuts

I think having the option to turn off notifications from the sensors would be ok, however, the solution is really to have the option of be able to turn off detection completely (and/or with scheduling ability.)

With the motion sensors from the Sense pack, there are so many more potential possibilities utilizing IFTTT.

I’ve still been looking for a way to be able to turn off motion detection on the Wyze Sense Motion detectors, but have not come across or found any workaround solution.

Fingers crossed and hoping for a possible firmware update in the future that will allow them to be toggled on/off.