OG Cams - static detection zone screen

Has anyone noticed that, when setting up a detection zone under Detection Settings on the OG Cam, the background image freezes? It’s not live, as with the V3 and WCO cameras.

Not a huge deal, but when I was trying to set a detection zone that would completely exclude the area where my American flag waves when the wind blows, it would have been nice to be able to see how far it reached in one setting rather than having to keep going back and forth and hoping to capture the entire span of its movement.

Any thoughts on why this was changed? Is there an advantage I’m missing?

Honestly, I don’t think it is intentional. All the previous cams have been run on a version of Linux, and these OG cams are using a different chipset that runs on FreeRTOS, so the programming is different from the rest of the cams. When they converted/migrated over the functions for the detection zone, I am guessing there were necessarily some slight variations that had to be accounted for to get it to match up with the new system.

If I had to guess, I would say that this is simply an oversight or related to some conflict with migrating the detection zone to the new system. We could try to report this in the next Fix-It-Friday event on March 3rd to ensure Wyze is aware of the inconsistency with this new cam. I am guessing the devs didn’t even realize it was doing this, and if they do realize it, there might be a reasonable rationale for why it is done this way. I just don’t know for sure as I haven’t personally seen anyone mention this before you, so thanks for reporting it. I didn’t catch it before, but your example of how it is useful is a GREAT example for why it is important, so thank you for sharing that. :+1:


Thanks for your comments. I appreciate the insight and I like the idea of this topic being included on a Fix-it Friday. Glad my example helped!

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I got your issue reported in this month’s #fix-it-friday event:

Feel free to go vote on it and leave your own comment if desired. :wink:


I saw that. :blush:

Thank you, much appreciated!


JH006 (Pete)

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