Official word from Wyze on v1 not working any more?

So let me get this straight, with the Tinycam app it will enable motion detection and then send you a notification of the motion detection?

The problem is tinycam is not on device (camera) and therefore it requires to be running with the camera streaming to it to detect motion.

But it’s also not a problem because the Wyze detections and notifications will still operate normally while you use TinyCam as your primary interface. The Wyze detections and notifications do not depend on the Wyze app (once they are configured).

One of the problems discussed in this thread is that the Wyze notifications and detections are not working on many “fixed” v1s.

Sigh, understood, but again I was simply suggesting a possible workaround for this particular poster’s dilemma:

Does running Tinycam in the background in order to get motion detections and notifications substantially drain your cell battery?
Is it just a matter of downloading the app Tinycam and then what, to get motion detection and notifications??

Not sure you’re catching my point. I wouldn’t rely solely on TinyCam’s detections when Wyze is doing its job detecting "in the cloud’ without ever having to open the Wyze app. Yes, if you were to rely on TinyCam’s detections it would need to be running all the time. (Mine actually is, since I have a keepalive app that makes my tablet stay awake. I would NOT expect good behavior on a carried cell phone. But my point was that TinyCam could be used to view live feed and Wyze recordings, not necessarily turning on TinyCam’s own detection features.)

Once again, my specific suggestion here was for someone who didn’t like the advertising in the Wyze app.

I appreciate the suggestion but being an Apple user, the only return I see for TinyCam appears to be a Chinese developer. I suspect you guys are on Android? It’s not ‘advertising’ I’m having a problem with, it’s when checking a V1 camera in the feed, I’m greeted with this message that can’t be dismissed without hard-closing the app. As you see, there’s no Cancel or Dismiss option. Imagine…another Wyze questionable design choice.

Edit to clarify - this ONLY appears when selecting a V1 camera

Currently I can view my V1’s live feed, but thats it.
The problem is i have no motion detection or subsequent notifications to my cell phone.
Kinda useless as a security camera.

Sigh. I’d make a pretty safe guess that Alexey Vasilyev is not Chinese (not that it should matter). He is also, last I heard, employed by Wyze as well.

Don’t be misled by phony apps using the TinyCam name. Yes it’s Android only.

Based on his impressive Bio, I am pretty confident the TinyCam Co-founder is Northern European. But I agree, not that it should matter…for multiple reasons. And yes, he is still currently employed by Wyze as a Senior Software Engineer (since Oct 2020 to the present), and a GREAT addition to the Wyze team IMO.


Co-founder? Please go on. I thought it was a one man show and I’m curious about how it’s run.

If I download Tinycam do I still use the Wyze firmware on the V1 cameras in order to get motion detection and notifications?
Nevermind motion detection is only on the pro version.

Yes, just treat it as a viewing application. There is no special firmware at all. You do have to give it your Wyze credentials so it can log in to your cameras and so it can display your Wyze cloud event recordings.

This option isn’t for everybody and it shouldn’t be necessary for basic functionality - that’s on Wyze to get its app and cameras working properly.

Thank you. I feel the same way. What really infuriates me is I feel like my privacy was violated by a corporation that shared my pictures with who knows who for strictly their own gain while posing as “security services”. Every time I look back at the thousands of times I shared after “We’re so sorry… Please send us logs…so we can review…” I feel like an idiot.

Sorry, I misspoke, it’s actually “Co-owner”…which is a small technicality, but one could be the sole founder and not the sole owner, or it could be that he didn’t found it at all and is simply a co-owner. All I know is that he is “Co-owner” over Tiny Solutions LLC (the Tiny Cam Company). I don’t know who else is/are the other Co-owner(s) though. I only know that Alexey refers to his title as “Co-owner” of the Tiny Solutions LLC company, which owns Tiny Cam Monitor. He is pretty well regarded as the Face of Tiny Cam though, and has been active in their forums, etc. He lists himself as coowner on LinkedIn, F6S dot com and other places, so I am just going based on how he, himself, refers to his position in the company. I do not know much more about how the company functions, though their website says:

We are a small team of mobile apps developers focusing on high quality mobile surveillance apps

I agree with the high quality. Tiny Cam does an incredible job. But they are saying there are MULTIPLE developers running the company, not just him.

I also just learned from their website that apparently the iPhone equivalent of Tiny Cam by the same company is called “Baby Monitor for IP Camera

I haven’t tried it on iOS yet and I don’t know if it works for Wyze or not, but since it is made by the same company, I would think that it allows Wyze Cams to work with their iOS App too, and it is fairly highly rated on average. If anyone tries this free app on iOS and finds out for sure if it also supports Wyze Cams, we should probably let people know. It could provide a good solution for iOS users too (seems to be designed mostly for iPads though).


Thanks @carverofchoice , what a strange and interesting find. People have been wishing for a TinyCam for iOS for years and I never realized that other app existed. I might get around to trying it, but I am guessing from the description that it doesn’t support cameras other than those listed.

The IPBabyMonitor page itself is an almost entirely blank Google Sites page last updated in January.

Meanwhile the description for TinyCam is humorously dated.

tinyCam Monitor - award-winning mobile surveillance for Android, Google TV and BlackBerry PlayBook.

TinyCam is a phenomenal app but its documentation and marketing have always been lacking.

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Haven’t posted in a while but it looks like Wyze is still giving an [Mod Edit] to v1 users, while saying we care.

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They have experts working endlessly around the clock going through 4,323,736 lines of code on both the camera’s firmware and the server mainframe just to say [Mod Edit] to the V1 users and thanks for supporting WYZE :slight_smile:

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And yet Wyze fixed the Cam Plus outage in less than 24 hours. Hmph.