Official word from Wyze on v1 not working any more?

One day all of our V3’s mounted in hard to reach places will suddenly stop working.
We will be treated the same.

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If you read through the entire thread you will see this is not true, we have fixed many of them, there are some still having issues and we are looking into those. It sounds like the issue of them not reconnecting is fixed. Some have had a new issue after getting them online and that is still being looked into.


Jason, please just ask the experts at Wyze to fix the “motion detection” and subsequent “notification” issue if the V1’s and im good.
It really cant be that difficult, come on.
Jason, us early adapters put our hard earned money into a new and unknown company, which made Wyze what it is today.
We deserve better.
Its not always about money, its about integrity.

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That is the exact reason they have been trying to figure it out.


Everything worked then they issued an update, then everything didn’t work and now they are like. oh how come are stuff doesn’t work??. The problem is server sided, maybe they should revert back to what works then work on figuring it out.

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The offline issue was not caused due to an update and it was actually a firmware issue, that is why a new firmware was released to fix it. We are still investigating the second issue.

The main reason it took so long to fix the offline issue was because cameras did not go offline until they lost power, so it was a gradual thing, by the time it was on our radar some time had passed and like many we were looking at a server issue since the firmware had not been updated in close to 2 years. We did find the problem in the firmware though.


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Sorry WyzeJasonJ I see you reinterpreting history. It took so long because of new firmware but older firmware worked identically to the “new” version it took Wyze 4 months to “develop”. No one realized the problem because it was gradual, but users where posting about it for months before Wyze (I should say only you) even started to respond and sort of acknowledge it. Now it is the same BS about motion/notification problems that are affecting many v1s and has existed for literally years.

WYZE DOES NOT CARE - PERIOD (of course Wyze could simply just be completely incompetent)

The firmware that broke was 2 years old, cameras remained online for those 2 years, so when they started to drop off we thought it was a cloud change. Some users reported flashing back to an even older firmware worked. We checked the two firmware versions against each other and found the problem in the newer of the two (the two year old one). They then wrote a new firmware to fix the issue that was found in the one causing offline issues. The new firmware gets the cameras online but some are experiencing motion/notification issues still. We have not found the cause of this yet.


Are you angry for the fix? What is your current issue with your V1s? Let’s get whatever is left fixed.

Seriously! It’s called the Wyze blackhole (by me). The app says the camera is registered for cam lite. But it acts as if it isn’t. No motion detection, no notifications and nothing (including moving it to another account) can fix it.The problem has existed since cam plus lite was created and has yet to be fixed. Unfortunately a large number of “fixed” v1s have fallen into this blackhole.

So, get it fixed!!!

Log, please. Helps a lot.

Submitted by others and myself before. Or are we basically starting all over and ignoring the last month of this 5 month old thread.

The original problem was fixed. Do you have something new?

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The original problem was fixed when users found that an old firmware worked. It took Wyze 4 months to copy this.

Did you not read about the blackhole. It appears that you just read the last post and jumped in. If you really want to help read the damn thread

The original problem was not fixed when it was found an older firmware worked. The older firmware did not always work and there were issues with it that were fixed when it was upgraded 2 years ago. Now the fact users found out it worked was a huge help in finding the issue. Once the issue was found a new firmware had to be written. Some are still experiencing new issues and i have forwarded the info and logs on, this is not happening to everyone which has made it harder to find.

The second thing i will say is for everyone to please be civil with each other. I want this thread to remain open so i can continue to push for a fix. Getting frustrated with Wyze or Wyze employees is one thing but volunteers and other users are just here trying to help. Please remember the community guidelines when posting.


This will not add anything to the discussion but as a previous contributor to the thread, I’d like to share my feedback:

a) restoring a prior version of the firmware helped bring my dead V1 back online. Now I’m prodded every time I check a V1 camera in the app to upgrade the firmware. Sorry but no way in hell am I touching the firmware on a V1 again. Without a cancel button on this popup, I have to force close the app every time it prompts which is easing the pain of my inevitable switch off these Wyze products.

b) motion detection and thereby notifications have ALWAYS been a problem for me with Wyze cameras. Early on, I stopped using it because it was so unreliable. In looking at the Events section of the app, I’m certain it doesn’t capture all activity but neither do my newer gen Wyze cams or the Wyze doorbell. Again, par for the course with these products sadly.

I’ve relegated use of these items largely to “on demand monitoring” rather than something to rely on. I just hope that if someone kicks my front door in, one of the cameras will record the partial event for later use.

Good luck out there and welcome to the Fall season.

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If you don’t want to put in the new firmware, you could install TinyCam free and use it as your viewing app.

This thread continues to dishearten. In spite of following it I had not realized that the “no detection or notifications” issue had existed prior to the “camera is dead upon reboot” issue. :frowning:

Does Tinycam offer motion detection and notifications?
If not why bother with it.

Yes, it offers both, with more flexibility than Wyze.

However, you don’t need to enable them. The Wyze detection and notification will continue to work normally even if you never run the Wyze app.

So he or she doesn’t have to keep force closing the Wyze app, that’s why.