V1 is now EOL

Hey friend!

It makes us sad to say, but some good things must come to an end. After almost 5 amazing years, we’ll be retiring Wyze Cam v1 on February 1, 2022 as it can no longer support a necessary security update.

You can still use your Wyze Cam v1 after this date,* but as our End-of-Life policy states, Wyze will no longer sell, improve, or maintain Wyze Cam v1.

The original Wyze Cam will always hold a special place in our hearts, and we want to take a moment to say thank you. You chose to support our very first product at Wyze. You put us on the map. You allowed us to pursue our mission to democratize technology… And look at us now. :slight_smile:

We could not have gotten here without you. Thank you.

Get $3 off your next Wyze Cam

Thank you so much for supporting Wyze’s very first product. As a thank you, here’s a coupon that’s good for $3 off your next Wyze Cam!

$3 off for helping Wyze on the 5 year anniversary? Pretty funny.


What does the asterisk point to?

*Please note that one consequence of retiring the Wyze Cam v1 is that Wyze will no longer be actively monitoring for and patching new security vulnerabilities for that product. As a result, your continued use of the Wyze Cam v1 after February 1, 2022 carries increased risk, is discouraged by Wyze and is entirely at your own risk.



So will the V3’s be “End of Life” in 4 years :rage:


Probably. The way of things.

Thanks @EyeNsky .

I take this as good news, in that V1s (and presumably V2s that manage to avoid pushed firmware) will NOT be blocked from service. It could be a LOT worse for those owners.

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I do not have the answer to that but I would not say that they will, the issue is not that they are 5 years old, it is the lack of ability to support a necessary security update.


Was there a notice of the EOL before today that I missed? I feel completely blindsided by this news. While I appreciate the ability to continue to use the cameras that I have, by not keeping up with security updates, they are basically useless unless you don’t care about security. I too am now concerned that this is the beginning of a trend and have lost faith that this company will stand by products more than 5 years! 3 dollar coupon doesn’t even cover shipping.


can anyone here summarize for a layperson what the most likely risk or vulnerability is of continuing to use the v1 going forward? Thanks


That it stops working due to age or unrelated reasons. Since every connection with the camera is outbound and it’s behind your router, the only security compromises could happen at the Wyze controlled sides. There really isn’t much to worry about.


This is typical throughout the industry. Not surprising at all. I agree that they could’ve given more notice. Apparently this has more to do with limited hardware capabilities than them wanting to ‘screw over’ customers.

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I paid over $700 for my brand new iPhone 6s Plus in 2016. Five years later, Apple said they were going to stop supporting it. It still works and I still use it. I wish it was still supported, but I believe I got my money’s worth out of it. Now compare that to the $20 V1 camera. Five years of use and still fully usable seems like everyone got their money’s worth out of that camera.


The iPhone 6s Plus was released in 2015 and is still fully supported, so not sure what you’re talking about. There’s a rumor that Apple will drop support for it when iOS 16 comes out in the Fall. Even if that’s true, that’s a 7 year run.

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My point remains the same whether it’s 5 years or 7 years. Technology ages. When you get 5-7 years, you got your money’s worth. True whether it’s a phone or a camera.


A tangential exchange took place here for anyone interested…

My issue is the one week notice I received unless I missed an earlier notice. No way can I replace the three I have in a week

You don’t need to replace them right away. Nothing is changing in a week.

Which is to say that there could be a necessary security update in a year that the firmware could not handle making V3 obsolete and “end of life” as well. With technology and hackers, there are no guarantees.

That is very true, which is why I did say I do not have the answer, there is too many unknown variables.


We just got screwed.
You could not make a piece of firmware that would let us use these as normal non-fleecing cameras without having to go thru your demented service.
I would like you to refund me for all the hardware you sold me under false pretenses.
I demand refund as your cameras do not serve nor fit the purpose they were sold and purchased for and thus are in violation of the implied warranty. The implied warranty never expires and cannot be avoided. You should have known what you were doing to begin with. reputable companies (e.g. Sony) bought back the equipment that failed to fit the purpose.
You are just grifters.

Ouch! Someone appears a bit bitter. As for a refund, that’s not going to happen. Your only recourse is small claims court due to low cost of the camera. Since they would likely not appear, you’d win by a default judgement. Then, there’s the issue of collecting the judgement….