End of Life of V1 Camera

While I understand the end-of-life policy, I do not understand the short notice. I have been an early adaptor of Wyze products since they were first announced and the majority of my cameras are V1 used for security around my home connected to cam plus and the monitoring service.
It is hard to believe that knowledge of the upcoming change was a surprise resulting in short notice to customers and a date that it is not even possible to replace the cameras with a new version between the notice and date of the end of life. I expected better from this company - but seems like,most big-tech now profit first customer last.

But what is the actual downside, since they will continue all current service to the V1s anyway ?

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This amounts to about the same as an Android phone maker no longer doing updates for a specific phone model (which they usually don’t even announce). It isn’t as if the camera is going to quit working on that date.

Companies stop providing support for older equipment more expensive than the Wyze v1 all the time. Frankly, unless ones wants to pay they can’t expect firmware updates until the end of time, especially on inexpensive equipment.

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What exactly is the necessary security update that cannot be supported by CAM v1?

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