Is there a documented EOL timeline for existing products

With the news that Cam v1 will be EOL soon, I’m curious if EOL timelines are documented somewhere.
I’ve seen the general EOL Policy, however ( unless i missed it) it does not mention specific devices.

as an example: Google has it documented for each Pixel the minimum duration they will support security updates on each device model. i.e Pixel 3 security updates EOL is May 2022.

Thanks in advnace


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Rather than planned obsolescence, I think Wyze just drops devices when they no longer can take an update to fix a problem. Wyze has asked that all cams get to the current firmware as soon as possible, and the V1 has had too little internal memory and processor to accept current updates for 2 years now.

So maybe the best way at the moment to tell is when they haven’t had an update in 2 years because of limited internal resources? I don’t think they’ve been in the store in my 3+ years experience. I started on the V2.

As their prices continue to ratch up this becomes a valid request, but the V1s, V2s, and Pan Cams so many of us are using were SO very cheap that I still consider them disposable and not worth pursuing such a formal support lifecycle for. Just an opinion.

Based on the recent disclosure when it comes to how WYZE handles security vulnerabilities, I would like to see a product lifecycle document.

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