Firmware change logs available?

Are there change logs available to see what has been changed in firmware updates before doing an update? Would be helpful to see if it’s worth updating and taking on possible new bugs vs staying with what’s working currently.

Go to your camera, select device info, upgrade fw, then click what’s new?

I also would like to know what is new with the new firmware update I can’t find any information anywhere when I click on what’s new it goes to another screen and that screen is blank and gives me no information

For NON-BETA releases, you can usually find that information here:

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Um, NO.

For Cam v2, that data is over 2 months old.

I DID say “usually”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I plan on pinging Wyze to update that.

I updated one v2 camera with firmware v4.9.4.28 and left other v2 camera with firmware v4.9.3.64. The update may have addressed the issue with local recording to SD failing when WiFi is lost/off. I shutdown WiFi for 50 minutes; the updated camera functioned thru the outage, the non-updated camera stopped recording during the downtime. This was the one issue that concerned me. I’ll wait for Wyze to confirm before I update other camera. As a side-note, I had to power down/up the camera to take the update, as I initially got a message that update failed.

A Hsu 8 minutes ago·

Wyze Cam v2 Firmware V4.9.4.28 (Release date: February 27, 2019)

Fixed an issue leading to poor network connections causing device reboots
Fixed an issue that may cause time lapse video download errors to occur
Security updates