Changelog for firmware -

Is there one?
Betas without changelogs is a Google move.
Don’t be Google


Never looked for it myself, but this post might help:


May '19

Yes, and it’s a PITA to find (why do they store the firmware under the app?)
Support–>Wyze App–> Release notes and look for your cam - they only keep the “public firmware”.
If you need an earlier Beta you might be able to get it by going to upgrade and click on have problems.

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It’s pretty hard to take this “beta testing” program seriously when there’s no change logs and no formal issue tracking. It’s not what you expect from professional developers.

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Can you throw us a bone?

Thanks for tagging me in! Sorry to hear this information wasn’t posted in here. I’ll go poke someone about that.

Here’s the changelog:

  • Fixed a CMC reboot issue
  • Fixed an infrequent missing CMC Event issue
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect Wyze Cam LED status
  • Improved the image quality from the 6.59 release
  • Fixed an offline sensor issue when the Bridge is plugged in
  • Fixed a Bridge LED status issue
  • Fixed an issue causing occasional missing sensor Events
  • Fixed a bug causing a small group of Bridges to flash yellow/blue
  • Reverted the Wyze Cam Pan up/down swipe behavior so it matches the 5.111 version
  • Other bug fixes

Remaining issues:

  • Double checking the image quality compared with the 5.111 version
  • Rare cases of cameras showing offline but can view the live stream
  • Small percentage of remaining sensor issues
  • Audio noise is louder than 5.111
  • After a router outage, camera may not be reconnect for hours

Suggested test areas:

  • Sensor status/Events and Bridge LED status
  • CMC stability
  • Image quality

After working up enough courage to update to firmware v4.9.6.104, about half of my event videos fail to download. The Wyze Android app v2.12.3 displays “The video clip doesn’t exist in the cloud or is still being uploaded. Please try again later.” but the video never gets uploaded and appears to have been lost. An older version of the app (v2.10.79) simply displays “download failed” after a long delay while displaying “loading”.

Is anyone else having this problem or know what might cause it and how to fix it? I suspect the firmware is the cause of the problem; can anyone confirm?