Update as to when new firmware for V2 will be available

Any news as to when new firmware for V2 will be released. Bought 2 cameras at home depot that worked fine until it prompted me to update the firmware ( said critical). So I did. Well now I get no motion detection or event recording. Yes I have checked and double checked settings all are in order and worked fine with the old firmware. Even spoke with support and created a ticket. Their response was wait on new firmware. Hence my question above. Tried to flash back to earlier version but did not work. Frustrated. Wyze sent me another camera that has old firmware but works great. It too prompts me to update firmware. No thanks not gonna try again with version Saw other posts with same of similar issue.


I had to flash down to .36 because a new v2 would not write to the sd. Love the cams but they can be finicky at times.

An RSS feed for firmware updates would be an excellent resource. Users could use their aggregator to learn of updates when they happen, rather than having to check the website all the time.

An RSS feed for app updates would be welcome for similar reasons.

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Wyze doesn’t generally post a schedule for app and/or firmware update release dates. However, most times you can see when new features and bug fixes are being tested if you visit the #beta category. :slight_smile:

This resolved most of the issues I was having after updating to the newest firmware that included not writing to SD card and motion detection misses.


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Thanks, I’m going to give that a try. Wish there was a way to remotely flash an older version of fw if one was stored on the card.

That being said, someone just came to my door and I didn’t get a motion notification (sensitivity set to 1 because lights and bugs trigger it every 5 minutes but people don’t seem to unless it’s set higher). Maybe it will at least solve the SD recording issue for you as it did for me.