Notifications - App Discovery - option to it shutoff

Recently I started to get notifications near the top of my Wyze app on my iPhone. It has a small screen and takes a good amount of space. You have to go through all of the notifications to get them to disappear. Going in to the settings, I found I can only choose a frequency between Every 3 days, Every week and Every month. I would like to be able to turn this off. I simple do not want it.

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Recently IOS app start having this Tip banner.

It is annoying.
Also when you click the banner, the app crashed.

When user manage to clear all the tips. Wyze wants to know how often does user want to see them.
My preference is that there should be option of “NONE”

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This has to be in the cloud coding, not in the app.

I am on Android and have not updated my app for a good long time. So much so that my Store Tab won’t even work… Which is great since I won’t be buying any new stuff there anyway.

But, I recently went thru an issue with a WCPv1, dumped my app and OS app cache, and logged back in to my still old app version. And there were the tip banners. Just as annoying as all the CP popups for all my CP cams!

Who was driving the Good Idea Bus when this was made mandatory? Seriously? Perhaps provide the tips to the CS folks and leave us to get them when we ask for them. Turn it off.


Worst part: Even setting it to every month still gets me ads every day or so. [Mod Edit]

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I just started getting this yesterday and DO NOT WANT/NEED. I have notifications turned off and now I’ll be getting them anyway. Crappy idea. What was an App is now becoming bloatware. Are they hiring marketing and developers from MS and Google? Stop the stupidity. I’m an adult and well aware of what I want and need.


I empathize.

I have gone thru them each time they appear to get them to disappear and set the timer to the max.

I really do wish it had an option for NEVER.

Also, it reappears whenever you clear the OS App Cache, update the app, or reinstall the app. It would be nice if the servers were to remember my timer setting.


App discovery frequency? How about NEVER or every Leap Year?!!!


App Discovery Notification Options

Please add an option of never. I am an original scale only customer and having to clear the stupid App notices out every month is tedious.

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Hate hate hate hate this new tip banner / discovery banner.


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I agree. Not having an option to disable this “feature” is absurd. I despise useless notifications. Please fix this Wyze!

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Please give the option to turn off the tooltip.

The new tooltip when you start the app is so annoying, there needs to be an option to disable it. I’ve clicked it so many times.

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Would love the ability to disable completely!

Best you can do is limit it to once a month in Account → Notifications → App Discovery