Why no notification on the app?

Unless I am missing it in settings, the only notification I get from the app is sound and then the alert shows on my phone. If I miss these alerts then the app itself doesn’t show I have a notification like Facebook, Arlo, etc apps do.


Am I missing something?



What kind of phone are you using (iOS or Android)?


Open the Settings App on the phone, then tap Notifications. Scroll down to Wyze and adjust the settings there. You probably want to change the alert type from Temporary to Persistent.

I changed that but I think I am not making myself clear on my issue. Right now when I look at the home screen on my phone the Facebook app shows I have 3 notifications in red. YouTube app shows I have one notification.

Currently with the Wyze app when the camera picks up motion I get an audio alert and the banner across the home screen but once the audio and banner alerts go away there is no notification waiting on the Wyze app like there is Facebook, YouTube, etc.

I hate to mention the competitor but when I compare the Arlo settings on my phone with Wyze settings they are exactly the same. When I get an alert with Arlo, I get the audio, the banner and then the red notification on the app.


This is what I am trying to get with Wyze. Hope that helps.

You are talking about what’s called “Badge App Icon” in the Notification settings. A red numbered badge appears on the app’s icon.

The Wyze app does not provide for badging its icon. I think the reason for this may be that the app doesn’t really keep track of whether you’ve viewed a particular alert. That info would be needed to clear the notification badges one by one.

I suppose the app could increment the badge each time a new alert occurs and then clear the badge entirely whenever you visit the Notifications section of the app. I’ll pass that along as a suggestion.

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Yes this it thanks. Kind of disappointing this isn’t a feature as every other app I can think of has this feature.


Even with your suggestion above, unless I am near my phone I have no way of knowing whether I get an alert. If I don’t hear the alert and since the badge goes away after a short while I don’t know if I have an alert pending.


Even your competitor has this feature but thanks for passing it along.

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Just to clarify something… I’m not a Wyze employee.

If you set the alert type to Persistent in the Settings App > Notifications > Wyze, then it should stay on your screen until you dismiss it.

Also, if you swipe down from the top of the screen, you will be able to view any notifications that you missed.