Red notifications badge on iOS app

whenever i get motion or sound recorded, i do get the push notification on the lock screen but if i am not paying attention to that and i am on my home screen the wyze app doesn’t have any counter as a badge to tell me there are new recorded video.

also would be nice to know if i viewed a clip or not. if i go back later

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Not exactly what you’re asking for, but here’s what I do on my iPad Pro for iMessage banner notifications. I should note that the Persistent setting comes in particularly useful whenever badge notifications on my iMessage app inexplicably stop appearing from time-to-time.


Also, just below that Banner Style setting in Settings > Notifications > Wyze, there is a toggle for Badges. This is what allows an app to have the red badge displayed on its icon when a notification has been received.

Edit: I just tested it, and apparently the Wyze app doesn’t support the red badges. You might want to use @milehiguy’s suggestion of persistent notifications instead.

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sorry i wasn’t clear. see my screenshots.

i do have badge turned on in notifications. and i wasn’t refering to the banner style but i did have it on temporary and changed it to persistent although i don’t think that will make a difference in the app badge


You’re correct of course. My suggestion is just for a workaround until (?) Wyze adds red badge support to the iOS app icon.

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I have converted this to a #roadmap topic so that it will get the attention of the developers. Please be sure to scroll up to the top and click the VOTE button so that your vote is counted.


This is a little off topic, but I wish notifications worked like news articles. Each news article notification stays until that article is read or dismissed. As it is, if you simply open the Wyze app, all of your Wyze notifications are cleared. I think there is even a #roadmap asking to make Events marked read or not. Keeping the notification until that event is seen might eliminate that #roadmap need.

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In any case, red badge support really SHOULD be added. A bit surprised it’s not already there, to be honest. Makes me wonder a bit what percentage of Wyze employees are Group iOS. Am still dreaming of PiP support on my iPad, let alone changes to notifications. :wink:


almost sounds like this should be really simple to turn on. i don’t think you need much programming to do and iOS probably has some built in function for that? i don’t program in iOS so not sure… if almost every other app i use has it i think it should be a standard feature to implement

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@mixonepa Can you use your expertise to comment on this?


Hello @islandsnow, you are right about it not being hard to implement and it is up to the development team to add. I’m going post some links for the Apple documentation so you can see how it exactly works.

Make sure that you vote for this Roadmap topic at the top of the page so that this feature can be added. :slight_smile:

Link #1 Page Not Found - Apple Developer

Link #2 Apple Developer Documentation


Question, and this relates to my earlier comment about when you open the app, all notification disappear. How would the red notifications badge work? Would it show say 10 events, but as soon as you open the app, it goes to zero? See, there is no ‘unread’ status showing for each Event, so are they actually keeping up with if you’ve viewed each Event or not? It seems to show only how many since you’ve viewed/opened the app and then it gets reset.

as far as i know in other apps, when you go into the app with a number showing on the badge, and then leave the app, the number still stays there. its when you act on the actual reason why there is a badge number that it goes away.

like email. it might show i have 5 unread messages. if i go in and do nothing, 5 still shows as the badge. if i go in and read 2 of the messages then go out, the badge will show 3

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That’s my understanding too, it’s just that Wyze clears the notifications upon opening the app. So I suspect, when you go into the Wyze app, the badge would no longer show a count, because it is cleared to zero. In other words, I don’t think it is as simple as turning it on. A read/unread status may need to be created for each Event. I’m all for it though!

When we designed it, we chose to clear all messages when user clicks on one notification or goes into the app. This was following the same approach as other apps in the OS notification area. You receive 10 SMS messages, if you click on one of them all SMS notifications will be cleared in lock screen. This was partially because of our cameras not being smart enough to filter out the false positive events. We don’t want each user to have dozens of notifications on their lock screen.

However, inside the other apps (e.g. Mail, SMS) those unread messages are still marked as unread. Wyze app doesn’t have the feature which made it difficult to use. Our dev team is currently working on RTSP, one screen with multiple view, and some other features. We will be working on improving notifications experience later this year. At that time we will take this issue into consideration together.


sorry let me clarify, my wyze app doesn’t show the red badge count at all, whether i click into a notification or dismiss it by going into the app. its never once showed me a badge count

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I think he was speaking of notifications and not the red notification badge. His last line says they will consider it after the features he listed that they are currently working on are done.


Like @OverWatch pointed out, we haven’t implemented it yet. We have it noted for our future feature consideration. Thanks!


I agree that having a red dot show up on the app on our home screen would be very helpful. Not always do I look in notifications to see what is there. Would be nice to see a notification like when a text or email come in . Thank you!


As an iOS dev, I’m really surprised that badge option is NOT available as the codekit snippet is already integrated into Swift.

This is a huge oversight, so YES, my vote is to integrate it in. I can’t imagine why it was not from the get go.