Badges on Android. Not on iOS. Come on Wyze. I can’t recommend

Badges on Android. Not on iOS. Come on Wyze. I can’t recommend Your cams without badges.

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These? Seriously?

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Can you merge it back ?
it sure is enhancement.
It is standard on every App. except your app.

A badge on ios. is the red dot on the app icon.
If you open your phone without reading banners the red dot. aka badge is the ONLY thing to tell you of a security alert aka motion in front of your camera.

who merged this ? merge it back ? please ?

android has these numbered dots. according to these boards. ios does not.

Your post was merged to this category since it is not a request for a Product or Service enhancement by Wyze.

Like a message count or something?

Yes, it’s a count of unviewed notifications on the Wyze app icon. Same for Android, but it works under Android, not under iOS.

Screenshot_20210410-213354_Samsung Experience Home

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thanks for the screen grab !

how many emails do you have unread right now ?

i have 23 unread. i know by looking at the app icon. oh i better check !

Did someone walk into my backyard last night ?

oh. i have to open up the wyze app and look because the red dot (badge) isn’t working

i was going to get 4 more of these cams for friends and family. they are close to useless for alerting them without the red dot / badge.

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Ok, but you can’t recommend Wyze cams because of missing badges? Seems petty.

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Hardly useless.
I don’t even have notifications turned on.

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meaning you have badges on android ?

hardly useless = very useful ?

When you go out and want to know if you have a new email or someone just broke into your house.
do you open your mail app every time while sitting on beach ?
open wyze app ?

no you look at your badges, correct ?


I can’t speak for customized versions of android (ie, Samsung) but stock android has notification dots which do not show a count unless you long press the icon.

If I have a new email, wyze notification, etc, I see the notification in my status bar and either click on it to view or swipe it away to dismiss.

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thanks for the reply. i want a dot. no dot atm. don’t need a number.

who wouldn’t want a dot ?

it’s on every app. not this one.

do you have a new email right now ?

go to your notifications to tell you that ? no way. you look at your app icon.

there needs to be a dot. it ludicrous not to have one. should i open another in previous topic it wAs moved from or can someone put it back in actual functional needs are ?

Lol, if I have my phone unlocked, more than likely I’ve got a app open, not starring at my homescreen or app drawer to see if a icon has a dot. I can’t speak for ios but on Android, the dots are lame and useless.

Like I said, if I have a new notification from any app (unless I disabled for that app) I’ll see it in my status bar and can either click on it to open or swipe it away.

I do have dots enabled but they’re pointless, but to each their own.


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I have them but don’t use them for Wyze. Notifications are turned off.

If someone breaks into my home I’ll notice it when I get back.
Email usually means work so I check it when I’m bored. :slightly_smiling_face:
I can get through the day without contact from the outside world.

hehe. can i have the crowd that actually looks at their phone and uses iphone ?

are y’all really against me pushing hard for an option you have ?


there are way too many notifications on lock screen. ios is not that friendly for them when open.

and the saving grace for knowing you have a new email is a badge.

v3 also has smoke and co2 alarms.

want to wait until whenever you get home for that ? no right ?

Not at all. Good luck getting Wyze to do app modifications though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually, I wouldn’t trust any alert from Wyze. I suppose you could check a camera for smoke.
I’m wondering how you miss notifications if you sit on the beach waiting for badges to appear. :slightly_smiling_face:
My house would be long gone before I ever noticed a badge.

(google says) 57 million people work freelance jobs.

I am one of them. I look at my phone maybe once an hour or two ? See if there’s an email for a job. If i reply quickly. I might get it.

No badge and i don’t open the app.

answering since you “wonder”

maybe your “wondering” replies have helped stretch out the post so it gets noticed.
if your replies haven’t, then what uses do they have ?

It does make you wonder why badges were ever made ? Shall we try and chat why or why they aren’t good for desktop apps too ?

re trusting alerts, they did go completely out once in the month i have had them and needed to be reset.

but yeah, no badges equals no recommends and buying and that equals (exponentially?) less cameras sold and probably even less attention to the basic details and usual and expected features of an app.

Sounds like you need a better way of getting notified of emails, especially since you’re income relies on it.

Have you considered getting a Wyze watch? You could have email notifications on the watch instantaneously. Well worth the $20.

I know many do want a dot, but I will answer your question, that I for one do not use the dots, I look at my notifications and some I may dismiss for days before I look at them and I hate little red dots all over the place.

Also v2 has smoke and CO2 alarms