Where's the Badge

Hey all. I’ve had my color bulbs since preorder and I have quite a few more on the way. I just wanna know where’s my badge in the app. I know it’s something small but it’s driving me CRAZY lol. Anyone else having this issue???

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There are a few of us who are having similar issues. Mine is with the HMS. Sensors have been unlocked, but the HMS has not. I opened a ticket in this.





I checked my badges and I am also experiencing this, but I agree this isn’t a major issue. My suggestion is to send a log to report this bug. You probably won’t receive a response, but the issue will be put on the list for review.

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I’ve got the same issue with HMS. Sensors, hub and keypad are all active, just not HMS.

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No HMS badge for me either.

Sooo just received some more bulbs. Upon installing my 14th bulb the badge came through. Lmao smh.

I don’t want to uninstall and re-install it. If that is the solution, would it remember all the settings? Probably no.

Already did that for other reasons and it didn’t change the badge.

ah, too bad.

Did it remember your settings after removing the devices and re-adding them?

You are definitely a brave person. I have had so many issues with Wyze bulbs over the last few years, I couldn’t imagine having 14. I think the biggest frustration that I have consistently experienced is when they go offline in the app. I’ve also had multiple die or go into a state of where they can’t be added to the app.

No, it starts the install from scratch.

I have a similar problem but with the Wyze Plug

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Same problem with me, not the plug but the handheld vac

I’ve received badges for my Watch 47, Cam V2 and Cam V3.
I’ve not received badges for my Plug and Scale.

For what that may be worth. Submitting a log myself now too.

My HMS badge finally showed the other day.

Nice! Did you do anything to get it to go or did it just show up?

Well mine has shown up now. So waiting is the fix i guess .