WYZE App Badges and Stickers... Let's Talk about'em

You know’em… You :heart:'em… Or you don’t give 2 :poop:'s about’em.

Stickers… I personally started on the meh side of them, I really didn’t pay them much mind, and would tell you the majority of the ones I got when I started purchasing WYZE cams and getting in on pre-orders probably ended up in the trash.

Now I almost feel cheated when one is missing from the box, the app, or not annotated properly in the app for devices “I Backed”.

And unless you find yourself in a friendly competition with your fellow WYZE community members or other WYZE consumers, who even knows or cares? YOU DO.

Honestly there are some days when I look at my product badges in the app and think, “should I have bought the Cordless Vac?” even though I already have 3 vacuum cleaners, and the Wyze Robot Vacuum, and the Wyze handheld vac.

Then I see others commenting about them and I know I am not alone.

Outside of missing stickers… it’s really the app badges that make me anxious when I look at them. I am starting to feel ok with my decision to not buy a WYZE product or two :smiley: I have no sprinkler system and therefore do not need a sprinkler controller, and really don’t NEED the cordless vacuum, because I already have enough (but they don’t say WYZE, so you have to get one, hush voices in my head). and yes I feel a little empty when I see those grey spots, but, what I want to SOLVE for me, for this community and the others like me is the other anxiety inducing shakes I get when I view my app badges for the thing I purchased and backed.

I backed the WYZE Headphones, no I backed border
I backed the HMS System and All Connecting items - no border on the Wyze Sense Hub, Wyze Sense Keypad, Wyze Sensor V2… I think they forgot about the V2 motion sensors, unless those are just assumed part of the HMS, but they can be sold separately yea?
I backed the Color Bubs, Got 4 I backed Stickers, No Border
I backed the Wyze Floor Lamp, no I backed border
I backed the Wyze Handheld Vac, No App Badge at all, no border
I backed the Wyze Night Lights, No App Badge, no border
I backed the Wyze Buds Pro, and Wyze Buds, no border.

You did it Wyze, you got me hooked on the badges. Now fix the OCD in me.

I am interested in the communities thoughts on this matter as well.

50% of this is in humor and 50% of this is in sincerity. But 100% an item that I want to support to get some consistency on :smiley:


@R.Good I am with you 100% on this. I’m missing 4 badges, 2 of which should have the backer boarders, and while I tell myself it’s not a big deal, no one but me (and now everyone that reads this thread) will know, but I still feel a little disappointed they aren’t reflected. Also, how about an indicator for testing products?


Agree x 2. I’m also missing some correct badges. If they’re going to gamify, get consistent and gamify deep! I enjoyed this quick read about gamification. I'll Eat This Cricket for a Cricket Badge: A Gamification Novella by Darren Steele

I asked Support at one of the missing “I backed” digital badges once, and they fixed it.

On the flip side, playing Ingress too much made me realize that it’s quite possible to care a bit too much about digital badges. i’d work for hours/day for months to change a badge from one color shade to a slightly darker one. My wife would say “…nice to see you…what color is your icon now?”


I agree 100%. Although Badges don’t matter, the fact that they are not filled in bothers me some. Not to mention the missing Backer Boder.

Missing Badges

  • Wyze Night Lights and should have Backer Border
  • Wyze Handheld Vacuum and should have Backer Border
  • Wyze CamPan v2 Should have the Backer Border. NOTE: It activate the CamPan badge as there does not appear to be a CamPan v2 Badge.

Missing Backer Border

  • Wyze Buds Pro
  • Wyze Floor Lamp
  • Wyze Color Bulb
  • Wyze Headphone
  • Wyze Bulb
  • Wyze Leak Sensor
  • Wyze Climare Sensor

Waiting for the product and Badges (Hopefully)

  • Wyze Light Strip Pro (Backer as well)
  • Wyze Light Strip (Backer as well)
  • Wyze Cordless Vac (Backer as well)

Just updated the listing above. The climate and Leak sensors did add the badge to the app, but they were missing the Backer Border

Just added CamPan v2. The CamPan badge lit up as there does not appear to be a CamPan v2 Badge. I moved the it to the Missing Badge location


Thanks for this post. I’m provided a little bit of calming relief knowing I wasn’t the only one feeling this and just being crazy. I’ve backed purchased every product since the v2, being a backer for most except the sprinkler controller because I can’t use it (though because of it I have put together a full plan to get one installed and have almost pulled the trigger doing it more than a couple times just so I could get the wyze sprinkler) yet I’m missing more than a few, and don’t get me started on the app. Those are all wrong. I didn’t buy my first Wyze plug outdoor until just recently but I somehow backed that yet all the other badges like the color bulb, floor lamp, hms,sense v2 etc etc are just reg badges. My handheld Vac and Cordless vac are not there but I’m wondering if that is ebcause I haven’t tried adding them in the app? Do they even connect? Still witing for my night lights and light strip pro. Also im not seeing that the reg light strip has its own badge which means i’ll have to add one of those even though I have more light stips unused than I care to admit, on top of being a Govee fan there which I don’t think Wyze will even come close to competing with yet I still dropped the dough on it more than likely just to satisfy my own ego with these badges…

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Yea, I know what you mean. The Cordless and Handheld Vac can’t be added to the app, Wyze should just provide the badge inthe app for those who purchased it.

Just so you know, I purchased the Leak and Climate sensors. They came in today with the sticker that says I backed them. But the badges in the app doesn’t have the backer markings. But at least the bages are there.

I have actually submitted a ticket regarding the app badges, humbly letting them know that the request was very low in priority… this was sometime ago. I did check back in on that ticket and it had been closed with no resolution.

I don’t want to waste Wyze support resources on such a low priority item, but will keep inquiring from time to time.

I like the stickers but I had no idea there were badges in the app :thinking:

I thought the stickers were only for pre-ordering or being a backer, do all Wyze products come with them now?

Anywho I thought the “backer” stickers were a nice touch when I got my first one.

Some of the products I purchased were simply because I thought the price was reasonable and because times were hard and I wanted to support a company that actually listened to their customers. And you know wasn’t evil or anything :upside_down_face:

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I am the same. I just got the CamPan v2 in and set it up. Got it to play and test with, then will relocate at my in-laws as the are older and my wife likes watching to make sure they are ok.

But there is no Badge for the v2 in the app for some reason. It actually lit up the old CamPan v1 badge, and no backer border on it. :slight_smile:

Oh well.

I don’t think my pan v2 has shipped yet so maybe they will have that fixed by the time mine comes haha

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I couldn’t agree more. I like the badges, and just checked and I am missing a few as well. But as it was stated, it is a low priority for me too…

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Next step, wish-list request. :wink:


Getting the twitches again😁



OMG! I thought I was the only one! You have no idea how relieved I am to know I am not alone. :upside_down_face:

I did get both of the cordless vacuums and the night lights. But how are the badged ever going to be activated with no connection to the app? Some people said you needed to buy them through the app. But in my opinion, it shouldn’t matter.

It seems like the last product that has the “Early Access” boarder (for me at least) is the HMS. I think it was shortly after that that they switched from selling products as “Early Access” to “Pre-Order.” So I suspect we will not be seeing that boarder until they return to Early Access sales.

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I have an outdoor plug backer badge and I don’t have any. All my other badges are there except the night light.

Another twitch in the :brain:

No digital badge for the Lamp Socket in the Wyze App, but I got a sticker with a backer boarder.

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I’ll jump in here as well. I have night lights, socket, handheld vac and stick vac but no badges showing for them. This happened once before and support was able to do something on their end and they suddenly appeared in my app.

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How about the switches? I got the lamp socket one but my switches (2 orders) did not come with the sticker. I haven’t set up in the app yet to see if I got the app badge.

I pre-ordered 2 3-Packs of the Wyze Switches, no sticker.
Bought 2 Single Pack Wyze Switches at the local HD , No Sticker
There is a Badge in the App though

I also purchased the Wyze Flood Light that same day since they had it even though I pre-ordered one from Wyze, No Sticker.

I have yet to get my pre-order Wyze Flood Light so no clue if there is a sticker in there. I have also yet to install the flood light, so not sure if there is a badge… but my guess is there isn’t since there is no greyed out badge in the app to unlock.

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