WYZE App Badges and Stickers... Let's Talk about'em

You have unlocked badges for the night lights and handheld vac?

No… I’m saying I don’t have them showing (unlocked). This happened once before with another product and support was able to “unlock” it.

Gotcha, I read it as support was able to unlock them.

Part of the driver here, to see if we can get them unlocked :beers:

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oh shoot now you mention it I bought the floodlight same day too from home depot - no sticker :confused:

my doorbell pro and scale s better have one!

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Installed Flood light today, no badge.

I bought the stick vacuum, handheld vacuum and nightlights all though the early user option, ordered via a reply to an email. Can’t unlock the badges, yet app says to add then thru the app via set up. Not a big deal but rather frustrating.

Wyze Scale S arrived today… no sticker but I did get the app badge.

Wyze Video Doorbell Pro


Yes and Awww. No backer boarder on the digital badge😔



My video doorbell pro is due Tuesday I think it said. I’ll post my results

Got three scales, just can’t reveal them yet, 2 are gifts :grin:

3 scales. 2 black, 1 white. Sadly, no stickers.

Badge, no boarder.


But as always happy there is a badge in the app, no grey spots😁


Just one question. Do these badges and stickers add to the operation or make the product perform better?

It’s a Maven thing… A competition if you will. The tech version of collecting baseball cards.

Maybe there is a super double secret virtual prize when you collect so many or you get the super elusive first badge sticker ever issued for that iOT.

This post and my desire to “Catch them all” was before becoming a Maven, it was just a me (and some others) thing. :grin:

Zero - it’s all just gamification.


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