Hey what gives Wyze? (Leak Sensor Related)

What gives? I feel cheated. My new leak sensors arrived and I received no badge! No sticker to claim my honor of backing. IU was really starting to like getting these haha I have so many now that I look for them every time I open a package. So what gives?! You get your series B 100mil and decide to skip the penny sticker?

Boo. Boo I say!

I just got mine today. I got badges for both leak and climate. I didn’t with the vacuum I got last week, but these I did.

No image like it was before.

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I got one with my climate sensor, and just the virtual one with the leak sensor. This also made me go and check the rest of my products ands I notice I am actually missing quite a few. Like for instance I have around 15 cameras (v2, v3, and Cam Pan) but don’t seem to have one sticker. I’m almost certain I did but I don’t see it here in my collection. I don’t have one for the handheld vac or my robot vac either and I bought two of the robot vacs! Also gone is my v1 sense and v2 unless those are grouped into the HMS sticker? I have my buds pro and headphones but not the regular budz. I know the dog got into the stack one day but I was prtty sure I still had them all but now Im thinking she must ahve swollowed a few haha. Trying to figure out what to do with them anyways. Best I can come up with is nput them nicely on nsome cardstock and frame it as some novelty art or something.

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If you really want a leak sensor sticker, DM me your snailmail address and I’ll send you mine:

Copy the name of one of your leak sensors, go into the Wyze app and add new leak sensor, hit reset on the sensor, add the same sensor and paste the same name, immediately go into settings for the sensor, change anything in settings, back out to the Wyze Home page and it should pop up (no Backer though):

If you’re missing the climate sensor badge, go through the same process of add/reset:

Tested using production Wyze app for Android 2.24.51 and beta Wyze app for Android 2.25.12.

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I want my badge for my hand held vacuum too!