What is a badge

I am super late to the smart home technology. I am trying to figure it all out and how to use it. Can someone please tell me what a badge is? They appear to be desired but I have no idea why.

You mean in this forum software? It’s nonsense. Ignore it.

The Wyze app has a section called “Badges” and each product type has an associated Badge showing you have added one or more of the said devices to your account.

Below is a screenshot of my “Badges” which show that at one point I had every product Wyze makes except for the lock and keypad.

There are also sticker/badges you can get if you buy an Early Access product. They usually say “I Backed” followed by the product name.

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More Badges Here.

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Yep those are Forum badges one earns for participation in the forum. I honestly think those are more meaningful.

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Wow talk about misplaced allocation of precious developer resources. :frowning:

Not particularly. Any app when it starts would need to know what devices it should be looking for. As a device type is added a bit is toggled which displays a different icon.

The amount of effort to write, test, and deploy the logic required was minimal over the 2 plus years the app (and badges) were in existence.

Thank you. I see them in the app. Do they do anything? Or are they for any special purpose?

It fuels the pride and accomplishment of the user, imo. :).


I see. Thank you for the info! I know it was a very basic question but it was driving me crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I appreciate the responses!

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So just a toggle, not social networking… Okay.

Their purpose are to make customers think they need to buy every WYZE product to fill up their badge page.
It’s just marketing.

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Then they should offer special discounts, rewards or something for having them…

There is the feeling of gratification. :slightly_smiling_face:

:rofl: Oh, that’s where that feeling came from! :+1:


What is a badge? the OP asks. Let’s check with an (admittedly unrepresentative by current standards) neighbor down south:

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so here’s my question I don’t recall ordering any headphones at all yet I have this? what’s this mean

Welcome to the forum.

It just means the Wyze software is wrong.