How do I "turn on" Badges

When you setup a device using the App, the appropriate badge is turned on. However, how do you get the badge if you don’t need the App when setting up a device? i.e. Floor Lamp or Handheld Vac

Floor lamp has one… dunno for the non-connectables like the hand held/cordless vacs.

Ive poked around looking for a way but nothing obvious, no options in add a device, and I order through the wyze account. Maybe a support ticket?

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What the heck are “Badges” ???
Must be a iPhone thing?

Wyze app Home > Account > Account > Badges

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What is the purpose of a badge, what do you do with it?

Does it have a function?

Trinket, all it is. Gamification. Buy a product you get a Badge. Usually one in the box and a digital one in the app…
As you can see, my loyalist status is scarred by not having a sprinkler controller :joy:

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And some people get upset for not getting a badge in posts I’ve seen…lol

Not of any use to me, and I only use Wyze cams, not interested in their other products in the slightest

So I shouldn’t wine and moan about not getting any stickers? :zipper_mouth_face:

You may as a form of therapy. We are very sympathetic patient listeners. :slightly_smiling_face: